Three men were arrested on Friday for allegedly being involved in a shooting that broke out right after white nationalist Richard Spencer‘s controversial speaking event at the University of Florida.

The Gainesville Police Department said three Texas men pulled up to a bus stop and taunted a group of people immediately following the alt-right figure’s speech on Thursday.

According to officials, Tyler Tenbrink (28, left), Colton Fears (28, center), and William Fears (30, right) pulled up to the area around 5:30 p.m. and started shouting “Hail Hilter” at the pedestrians while throwing Nazi salutes.

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This offensive gesture prompted a member of the group, who was among the hundreds gathering outside of the University to protest Spencer’s appearance, to strike the rear window of the taunters’ Jeep with a baton.

The three suspects then exited the vehicle and began yelling death threats. Tenbrink fired a single shot at an unidentified victim, which missed, then the three allegedly got back into their Jeep and fled.

The trio was later caught after the victim had memorized the Jeep’s license plate and reported it to authorities.

Tenbrink admitted to the shooting once in custody. The other two suspects, who are brothers, allegedly encouraged Tenbrink to shoot the people in the group.

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Police said all three face felony charges of attempted homicide. Tenbrink, who detectives said “willfully and willingly fired a deadly weapon” with the “intent to kill,” also faces charges of possession of a firearm by convicted felon.

If the “Hail Hitler” theatrics didn’t already give it away, police said at least two of the suspects have “shown connections to extremist groups.”

All three were being under bond in the Alachua County Jail as of Friday — Tenbrink under a $3 million bond and the Fears brothers under $1 million bond.

Sick of guns yet?

[Image via Gainesville Police Department.]

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