Leading 10 Most Expensive Vehicles On the planet 2016 – 2017
Several of the rarest and also most pricey extremely automobiles Delight in!!!!

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  1. Why does everything need to be so fast, big, expensive, visible etc? Its
    territorial behavior. It goes to show, not only where we come from, but
    where we still are (animal realm). “Look at me, im rich, im sucessfull, i
    have things you dont have, im better than you”. Thats the mentality behind
    wanting expensive possesions. In the meanwhile around 50% of the worlds
    population are poor and about 1/7 are extremely poor/starving. We need to
    change our ways soon,or nature will exterminate us. Google *truthcontest*
    and read *the present*. It is the only way we can achieve success, peace,
    equality, brotherhood etc.

  2. This dude got it wrong mclaren p1 Cost 3.000.000 dollars it is the 2 most
    expensive car in the world the most expensive Cost 8.000.000 dollars


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