President Donald Trump is considering excusing the late heavyweight champ boxer Jack Johnson thanks to actor Sylvester Stallone.

The president tweeted about the health risks posthumous forgivenes on Saturday, mentioning Stallone called him to tell him the story of the famous boxer.

Johnson’s “trials and tribulations were great, his life composite and controversial, ” Trump announced, lending, “Yes, I am considering a Full Pardon! ”

The White House did not immediately return HuffPost’s is asking for mention and representatives for Stallone declined to comment on Trump’s tweet.

Johnson, whose parents were former slaves, realise record in the early 20 th century as the first pitch-black human to gives the claim of heavyweight boxing endorse “of the worlds”. A powerhouse in the ring, Johnson rose in fame and asset throughout his occupation — even at a time when nasty violence against African Americans was the norm.

Officials had initially refused to give Johnson a chance at the heavyweight deed( African Americans were not allowed to participate at the time) until 1908, when Johnson faced off with champ Canadian Tommy Burns, according to “The Boxing Register: International Boxing Hall of Fame Official Record Book.”

Johnson won against Burns with a technical knockout in the 14 th round, becoming the first pitch-black heavyweight champ. His prestige, however, still didn’t earn him respect from his white peers.

Sporting News Archive via Getty Images
Jack Johnson, before his successful claim defense against ”The Great White Hope” James J. Jeffries in Reno, Nevada on July 4, 1910.

The boxer’s image was controversially smeared when he was imprisoned of violating the Mann Act of 1910 for allegedly traveling across nation fronts with a minor. Johnson absconded the two countries, continuing his boxing busines overseas for years before he eventually surrendered to federal authorities and acted time in prison.

In 1946, he died in a auto crash.

Lawmakers, including Sen. John McCain( R-AZ ), have asked past presidents to posthumously excuse Johnson for years. McCain has supported a reprieve for Johnson since 2004.

In a 2016 character to President obama, McCain, the now-retired Sen. Harry Reid( D-Nev .), Rep. Pete King( R-NY) and Rep. Gregory Meeks( D-NY) called Johnson’s conviction “improper and unfair, ” claiming that Johnson was “transporting his white girlfriend across commonwealth lines.”

“While it is unfortunate that this unjust belief was not corrected during the boxer’s life-time, a posthumous pardon today represents the opportunity to reaffirm Jack Johnson’s substantial contributions to our society and right this historical incorrect, ” the lawmakers wrote.

The U.S. Commission on Civil right too pushed Obama to reprieve champion boxer that same year.

Johnson “was a fierce critic of Jim crow laws and the win executed customs of racial segregation, ” the commission wrote in a June 2016 note.

Rep. King urged Trump to absolve Johnson on Saturday, tweeting, “Obama wouldn’t do it. Trump … now considering it. Would chastise a awful injustice.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Timesearlier this year, Johnson’s great-great niece Linda E. Haywood suggested that a posthumous pardon would allow Johnson’s past to be corrected.

“Knowing that he was treated unfairly, and unfairly imprisoned and targeted because of his select of attendants, who happened to be Caucasian, that’s wrong, ” Haywood told the Times.

“The last event you want to do is succumb and have your appoint darkened. That’s incorrect. You don’t want it to be darkened if you’re living.”

CORRECTION: A previous form of this story misidentified Tommy Burns as Australian. He was Canadian .


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