( CNN) President Donald Trump faced a moral test this weekend: how would he deal with prejudiced savagery? Many would judge that he flunked that test. When it came to specifically condemning grey supremacy, he plainly didn’t have the vocabulary.

On Friday night, neo-Nazis turned out in Charlottesville, Virginia, with flaming torches to protest the removal of a Confederate statute i. A counter-protest developed; on Saturday, happenings swerved murderous. One party was left dead when a auto drove into the crowd. An Ohio man, James Alex Fields Jr ., 20, is in police imprisonment charged with an offence , among other things, second-degree carnage. Dozens injured during the mayhem, according to neighborhood medical authorities.

After an singularly long period of stillnes, the President finally said something. He deplored “hatred, bigotry and brutality on many sides.” He did not denounce the racist demonstrators in particular — even though it was they who generated, at the very least, the conditions for anarchy.

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