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UK band Viola Beach killed in road accident near Stockholm | Fox News


Diver and rescue service personnel search for the victims of the deadly car disintegrate in the canal for the purposes of the E4 highway bridge in Sodertalje, Sweden, late Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016.( Johan Nilsson/ TT News Agency via AP)

Five British beings, apparently including members of British indie strap Viola Beach, were killed when their vehicle drove through a roadblock and threw into a canal near Stockholm.

Stockholm Police spokesman Martin Bergholm said that the accident on Saturday afternoon occurred when the men’s hire car crashed through a impediment that was closed to stop vehicles as a drawbridge was opening up ahead. The casualties were British and aged between 20 and 35, he said.

He did not further identify them or demonstrate other details of the men, saying it was not a police matter.

British media reported that they were members of the indie ensemble Viola Beach, based in Warrington in northwestern England.

The band had played at a Swedish music carnival on Friday and was scheduled to open for headline masters Blossoms at a concert in the British metropolitan of Guilford on Saturday, but the music venue said in a statement that Blossoms decided to cancel the gig after learning that Viola Beach had been involved in an accident.

“We are saddened and ravaged as details have come to light-headed of this tragic collision. Our reckons are with family and pals, ” the venue Boileroom said in a statement to the AP.

Police did not know the reason for the incident and were still investigating, Bergholm said, adding that it was get gloom and the road was slippery.

“There were no brake tags on the road leading and it’s very difficult to say how fast the car was starting at the time, ” Bergholm said, adding that an attention witness — a truck driver who had stopped at the barrier — forecasted the rush at between 43 and 50 mph.

The accident occurred on the E4 highway in Stockholm’s Sodertalje district.


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