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Media captionThree disaster assistance craftsmen open up about their own experiences with mental health issues

Emergency service laborers are the first to answer in people’s hour of necessary, dealing with damage, violence and fatalities. But what happens when these distressing experiences cause them to seek help themselves?

John Haskell would investigate a little boy on the backseat of his car or discover him moving through his house.

It was these instants that obliged John realise he involved aid – because the five-year-old had died in a car clang months before.

The 49 -year-old has been a firefighter with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for 29 years.

Call for stress-hit 999 faculty assist Image caption John hopes to kayak the Amazon River in aid of Mind Cymru’s Blue Light campaign Image caption George said 12 hour alters could often roll into 13 or 14 hours while working as a paramedic Image caption Georgina said her colleagues have been “brilliant” in supporting her


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