On Wednesday we told you about the newest drama in

The FHP examined all over for the evidence of the accident which allegedly happened “near a toll booth.” Lieutenant Kim Montes showed:

“We are audited by her reputation, we checked by his figure and we didn’t find any reports. So we don’t know if this actually happened. We can’t find both reports basically from all of central Florida. We can’t find a report by name or a scenario that was similar to this.”

If this did happen — and at this moment it’s look all doubt to police — and Mark didn’t document each of these reports, he could be charged with a serious felony 😛 TAGEND

“Even if they touch a stationary dimension such as a wall under Florida law you are required to report that to law enforcement. If you didn’t that’s considered to be a thump and run.”

This may be shocking, but we can’t say it’s altogether unprecedented; after all Samantha already admitted to staging her father’s phony paparazzi pics.

So did they make it all up? What do YOU believe ??

[ Image via Danny Martindale/ WENN/ ITV .]


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