Waymo has become the second largest companionship to apply for the newly-available permit to deploy autonomous vehicles without safe drivers on some California superhighways, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. It would be putting its autoes — well, minivans — on streets around Mountain View, where it already has only one abundance of data.

The company already has driverless driverless gondolas in play over in Phoenix, as it presented in a few promotional videos last month. So this isn’t the first public performance of its confidence.

California only just made it possible to grant licenses letting autonomous vehicles without security moves on April 2; one other companionship has applied for it in addition to Waymo, but it’s unclear which. The brand-new admit type also allows for vehicles paucity various kinds of traditional manual restrains, but for now the company is persisting with its modified Chrysler Pacificas. Hey, they’re practical .

The recent fatal collision of an Uber self-driving car with a pedestrian, plus another fatality in a Tesla was working in semi-autonomous mode, make this something of an clumsy time to introduce vehicles to the road minus security moves. Of direction, it must be said that both sets of vehicles had parties behind the pedal at the time of their crashes.

Assuming the permit is granted, Waymo’s vehicles will be limited to the Mountain View area, which constructs gumption — the company has been operating there essentially since its genesis as a research campaign within Google. So efforts should be no scarcity of detail in the data, and their local communities will be familiar with the peoples of the territories required to support handling any issues like coincidences, tolerate questions, and so on.

No details yet on what exactly the cars will be doing, or whether you’ll be able to ride in one. Be patient.


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