Dont lie, youve done it, too.

You were driving down the interstate, just singing your favorite song, and then yousuddenly had to damper to avoid an accident.

Hey, it happens. At least youre not that womancrashing because a spider was in her car.

So, certainly, we can all empathize with YouTube user Travis Carpenter.

On Thursday, Carpenter posted a video of his singing-sesh-turned-accident. The best part about it? He says he didnt stand any traumata, so we can all shriek about it.

In the video, Travis is singingthe song And Now My Lifesong Sings . Its a churchyrock chant, so you know what that means.

Travis wasnt exactly singing, he was sangin.And everybody knows when youre sangin, you become a little vulnerable.

Travis certainly was, regardless. And after telling out a funny shout, the results were this 😛 TAGEND


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