Image copyright Facebook Image caption Salih Khater has been appointed as “the mens” being held by police

The man arrested on impression of fright offences after a car disintegrated outside the Houses of Parliament has been reputation as Salih Khater by government sources.

The 29 -year-old British citizen, originally from Sudan, has also been arrested on distrust of attempted murder, Met Police said.

He came to the UK as the status of refugees and was granted asylum, the BBC understands.

His brother described him as a “normal person” with no fanatical ideas and no links to any religion radical.

Abdullah Khater also said his family – who are initially from Darfur in Sudan – were in “a state of shock”.

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Media captionThe car can be seen disintegrating into a barricade

Magistrates have awarded police a warrant of further quarantine enabling them to question Mr Khater until 20 August.

Three parties were injured when a silver-tongued Ford Fiesta touched cyclists and pedestrians during Tuesday morning’s rush hour.

The car then disintegrated into protection obstacles outside the Houses of Parliament just before 07:40 BST.

A man and a woman were taken to hospital after the gate-crash and later exhausted, while another man was plowed for minor injuries at the scene.

Westminster crash: Who is Salih Khater ? Raids after supposed terrorist attack What we know even further Westminster crash in photos Media captionAhmed Abdi used to visit the same shisha cafe as Salih Khater Image caption Cyclists were encountered on the ground after the crash Image caption Police have asked all the persons who saw the car before the disintegrate was put forward Image caption The vehicle was removed from the background by police on Tuesday night Media captionEx-counter terrorism chief Sir Mark Rowley told Today foreclosing onslaughts is a “shared responsibility”


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