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What would certainly you do if you were informed you would certainly be taking your owning examination in a Porsche 911 cars, having never owned anything like it prior to?

Thanks to Porsche, we reach discover just how these French owning examination candidates hopped on when their regular learner cars and truck was swapped for one of the world's most renowned rear-wheel drive performance devices.

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  1. i drove the exactly same porsche as they had once, i found it much easier
    than driving normal car, everything was so precise and smooth, dunno i
    think its fake.

    • Bradley Schey drove an AMG GT for my 18th birthday (got my license with
      17). It just drives so much better and easier than the BMW of my dad. You
      just sit there and think all the time that this is exactly how you expect
      the car to drive and handle. The Ford Fiesta of my mother is compared to
      the AMG and the BMW very soft and not very direct. It’s good, but also
      because of the lack of power (very small engine) it’s a bit harder to drive
      imo. But still easy.

    • +U
      U brought back a LOT of memories. My Dad’s old cars…lol you had to turn
      the wheel 90 degrees just to make them start to drift in that direction.
      (Play = worn out parts = danger).

    • well , i drive manual all the time , but once i had to drive one of my
      friends’ car , and i didn’t know how to put it from neutral to reverse.
      i had to push the brakes and switch , so i guess you learn something

    • Driving a car with more horse power does not mean the gas pedal is more
      sensitive. The most sensitive gas pedal I’ve ever driven is a corolla. 4
      cylinder cars are much more sensitive than a 911. It’s very smooth, and
      only goes crazy when you slam the pedal down. Otherwise, it’s as easy to
      drive as any other car. It’s small, nimble, does NOT have a large blind
      spot… it’s exceedingly easy to drive and you can almost throw it at
      insane speeds at any corner and it’s going to be fine.

  2. How can you not drive a automatic. Wtf French people are stupid.
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. My 6 year old niece knows how to drive an automatic.

  3. Everyone saying how well she drifted. You have 300bhp in the rear wheels
    and you accelerate and turn quickly you’re going to throw the back end out.

  4. Fake. You can drive any sports and supercar completely normal. and yes I
    can judge this, im not 10 without an drivers license


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