( CNN) Charlottesville is where I learned what record is and isn’t, and who I wanted to become. I constituted for graduation and wedding photos in the shadow of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia, elated to be starting a new life pursuing further post-graduate investigate and building a family. It’s a campus and a town that will always feel a little bit like home to me.

The world attended a very different Charlottesville last weekend, a place overrun by a syndicate of white-hot soldiers bellowing, “You will not supersede us, “ and “Jews will not oust us, “ torches illuminating their contorted faces. A region where racist intimidation and savagery — helmeted marchers carrying shields and golf-clubs and semiautomatic artilleries, a car plowing into a army of counterprotesters — jarringly upended the world’s feeling of a serene and sophisticated college city.

The white supremacists in Charlottesville said they wanted to “defend history” by asserting endeavours to take down Confederate tombstones. They say they feel menaced. They horror the objective of eliminating “white stories” from our culture.

‘Central Park 5’ on Charlottesville Protests

Warner: Trump’s behavior is not leadership


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