Years after her son died in a car gate-crash, Lisa Swanson had the opportunity to listen to his heartbeat once again.

Only that time, it was in their own bodies of 60 -year-old Terry Hooper, who received the heart after knowledge complications with cardiomyopathy — a chronic cardiac condition.

The video below shows the psychological instant when Swanson congregated Hooper for the first time. Unsurprisingly, the two of them were unable to hold back tears. They flowed freely when Hooper pointed to his shirt, which had a picture of Swanson’s late son on it. It read, “He’s my hero. There’s not a epoch that I don’t think about him.”

What an incredibly touching instant. It’s neat when something good comes out of immense misfortune. If you’d like to learn more about organ gift, check out this website. By becoming an organ donor, you can give people like Terry Hooper new leases on life.


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