Thank goodness for UPS !

On Tuesday, the status of women was freed from her abusive spouse, who regarded her captive in their Missouri home, after a UPS driver understood an pressing mention she had scribbled on a scheduled bundle pick up.

According to reports, the status of women was being held captive by her husband James Tyler Jordan ( drawn above ), who forced her to strip down before trounce and sexually assaulting her.

The woman alleges Jordan maintained a grease-gun to her president and threatened to kill them both — all while their 3-year-old progeny was locked in the bedroom without food or liquid for 15 hours.

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It’s unclear what provoked the brutal chapter, though governments say it could have ended catastrophically if it wasn’t for a whack at the door from a deliveryman.

Around noon on Tuesday, the UPS driver came to the door to pick up a package as Jordan apparently stood behind his wife with a gun to her back. She somehow managed to scrawl a request of providing assistance during the interaction, compose:

“Contact 911. “

The driver called the police, who later been able to reach the house and started been speaking with the woman — but her husband closed the door on them and refused to cooperate.

Worried that Jordan was capable of violence due to previously being arrested for assault, lieutenants called for a Swat squad, nonetheless the abusive partner ceded before SWAT members arrived at the scene.

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Jordan is charged with domestic assault, sodomy, felonious limited, prohibited use of a artillery, and threatening the welfare of a child. He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

UPS praised the long-time operator for notifying approvals, saying in a statement 😛 TAGEND

“We are grateful this UPS driver with more than a decade of services that are followed protocol when he saw a client in distress and contacted authorities after he saw her content to contact 9-1-1. Our motorists are very familiar with their routes, and are trained to be aware of their encircles and respond to requests for assistance.”

While the driver definitely saved the working day, we acclaim the wife’s quick thoughts and bravery that saved herself and brat from a much worse fate.

[ Image via Franklin County Sheriff’s Office .]


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