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Woman survives 12 hours in frigid climate after friend’s auto plummets into creek


A car that plummeted into a California creek last week left a woman stranded on a tree for 12 hours in the frigid wilderness and another woman dead.

The East Bay Times reported Friday that Natalie Griffin was still retrieving from Wednesdays accident that left Jenna Santos dead. The two were in road accidents off a Mendocino County highway, which left Santos dead and Griffin nursing on for dear life before she swam to shore to get help.

The pair was on the way home from calling friends in Humboldt County, where Santos listened Humboldt State University. They were traveling on Highway 101 in the middle of a tornado when their vehicle hydroplaned and gone over an embankment, flip-flop several times, before crashing into Outlet Creek.

The girlfriends attempted to kick out the front windshield, but it drew thoughts worse. Monica Keyser, Santos cousin, told the times that the girls find the back window was separated. Griffin told Santos to follow her out that path, but she wasnt sure if her fellow high school classmate followed her out.

Griffin told PEOPLE Magazine that the strong current impeded her from reaching Santos.

That was one of the scariest areas, I thought it was a nightmare, I was so in disturbance that my friend was in the car, dead, she said. I certainly envisaged this was a bad dream.

Griffin was carried down the fast-moving creek and “ve managed” grab into a partially submerged tree and then onto the limbs. She hung onto the diverges until the next morning. Griffin is a yoga admirer and was able to stay heated by doing stretches.

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