These must be some earnestly great candles.

Footage posted on YouTube shows a driver and her fare so intent on receiving a candle store that they drove right over the edge of a loading dock :~ ATAGEND

As the dash-cam clip comes to an culminate with the car smoking, according to one of the articulations on the recording one of the status of women can be heard calling out to a passerby not for help with the car … but help finding the candle shop.

To be fair to the driver, the loading dock is not specially well-marked, which is obliged as bad by the rain.

Naturally, there is some dispute on social media over the audio, which may have been dubbed from an unrelated clip or even faked altogether.

However, BangShift said the time was peculiarity on “America’s Funniest Home Videos, ” and the women were interviewed about the accident.

They said that resounding noise following the fall was the driveshaft, but there’s no parole on whether the car was totaled or repaired, the website said.

Several redditors too claimed to have found the site of industrial accidents, which does indeed appear to be located near a candle give storage.

Watch the video in its entirety above.

( h/ t Mashable)


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