Worst auto accident, video of one of the most dreadful car crashes and also automobile wrecks captured on video camera.


  1. Literally all of the bike crashes were the drivers’ faults. I hate how
    certain bad eggs make all bikers look like stupid bad and irresponsible

    • Guitars and Guns Well, one wasn’t. The driver couldn’t see past the car in
      his way, and the biker couldn’t see past the samw car, so it was neither on
      that one.

    • Jay Philly yeah at 4:58 why did they act like they were hurt wtf not even
      bad crash but maybe it’s they had falty airbags

  2. That last one tho! 😱😨😰😖😫😩😤😮😦😯😔😕🙁☹️😣😳😞😟😧😢😥😪😓😭😵😲😷😿

    • Super Sara I know WTF he doing driving on the other lane WTF does he think
      he is in The united Kingdom this is United States dumbass😠😂


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