Have you ever experienced something that was almost too weirdly coincidental to be true?

I’m talking one-in-a-million occurrences that are so rare and perfectly timed that it’s difficult to accept they only happened by chance. The kind that makes you wonder whether there’s a greater power out there that makes everything happen for a reason.

These people know exactly what I mean, and they’re still having a hard time believing that what they saw was real. Whether they’re just random events or brought on by fate, the 21 coincidences they witnessed were truly incredible sights to behold.

1. “Two collided bullets from the Battle of Gallipoli, 1915-16.”

2. “The People You May Know section of Facebook put up these pictures that align perfectly with unrelated people.”

3. “A dragon fly landed on my friend’s foot and mirrored its own tattoo.”

4. “Dog gave birth to three puppies, each with their own corresponding number on their back.”

6. “My blind son found a four leaf clover on his own. What are the odds?”

7. “Right place, right time.”

8. “Butterfly bro lands on his own picture.”

9. Talk about terrible timing.

10. “Brother spent a year trying to get a lightning photo. He caught this last night, I just noticed the boat in the bottom left.”

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