Want to post a’ Bird Box’ challenge on YouTube? Nice try, but the stage is cracking down .
Image: Omar Marques/ SOPA Images/ LightRocket via Getty Images

YouTube has toughened its posture on dangerous pranks and challenges.

While silly antics are a prevailing part of the video platform’s culture, a slew of disturbing occurrences from the Bird Box challenge, the fire challenge, and the Tide Pod challenge has stimulated YouTube into action.

YouTube has unveiled updated community guidelines for inventors, with a brand-new slouse on dangerous the difficulties and escapades, clarifying the same position on the behaviour: That is, don’t do it.

“YouTube is home to numerous beloved viral the difficulties and pranks, but we need to make sure what’s funny doesn’t cross the line into likewise being pernicious or dangerous, ” the implementation of policies reads.

In a detailed FAQ, the pulpit said that it is explicitly censoring the type of escapades that present a risk of serious danger or fatality.

Also banned are pranks which represent preys believe they’re in serious peril — i.e. a home invasion escapade or a drive-by shooting escapade — or ones that make progenies to experience psychological distress.

Often with these YouTube escapades and challenges, it’s ambiguous if what is happening is sincere or made up for looks, but the updated program appearing to construct no mark on between either.

YouTube said it’ll give authors a two-month prayer interval, as it works to remove these pranks and challenges from the platform. In that span, developers who have posted that kind of content won’t be given a strike.

On Friday, police in Layton, Utah blamed the Bird Box challengefor a auto accident. Police said the motorist, a 17 -year-old girl, treated her eyes with a beanie while she operated a pickup truck.

It’s same to a scene from the cinema, as well as a Jake Paul stunt which has previously been been attracted from YouTube.