New York( CNN Business) If you’re going to buy an old-time vehicle, do it for love not to make money. But if you can get some money out of it, more, while having fun driving your investment, that’s awesome. The collector automobile experts at Hagerty have, helpfully, put together a index of affordable cars that they think are great to buy now as investments — and for fun.

1997 Dodge Viper GTS

In the 1990 s, Carroll Shelby, inventor of the far-famed Shelby Cobra and high-powered Shelby Mustangs, was under contract with Chrysler, the maker of Dodge autoes. Shelby worked on a number of commodities with Chrysler, including the front-wheel-drive Dodge Shelby Charger and the tiny hatchback Dodge Omni GLH-S( Goes Like Hell – Some more ). The Viper was something entirely new.


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