Here are 10 of one of the most expensive things on the planet.

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10 Most Expensive Things Worldwide


    • I want to have a talking villager Cody
      Your son brother brother son father father brother brother son son brother
      brother father son brother father son father your father brother brother
      father brother your man father father son father father your man father
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    • PartOfYou I am curious about what you said so….did the diamond’s
      expensive pricing came first or did the brainwashing TV shows came first?
      :/ (and if the TV shows did came first

      1.who gave them the idea diamond was expensive
      2.i don’t think they were bribed to advertise and develop their storylines
      just to make diamond expensive)

    • +Randomcat Meow
      I dont quite get what you asking, because you kind of answered to yourself
      and probably you simply dont quite understand how brainwashing works or how
      artificial need i crafted.
      Just like many stones was in old days precious or semi-precious because it
      was naturally rare and beautiful, someone came up with an idea to make
      “super-rare” and super expensive stone. So influence of propaganda began
      way before TV, but tv gave them magic power turn nothing into the gold,
      simply by making believe people into things.
      Of course it is exceptional idea, it is crystal clear stone which fraction
      the light into all full spectrum of light – 7 colours, but that can do many
      other stones for few pennies.
      After all everything has value only because we need ir or it is rare. But
      in this case “need” is influenced by brainwashing and it is not that rare
      or that hard to get or produce.
      It is all game, and you are not in the game, your a consumer.. well so am i.

    • both hoax and monopoly. Without hollywood they wouldnt be precious at all.
      It is same thing like swarowski, just bigger and older scam.


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