10 weirdest cars worldwide. This listing contains ten of the strangest and most unusual cars and trucks worldwide|world earth. Do you know much more peculiar, amusing, crazy, freaky and unique sorts of cars|automobiles? Let us know in the comments …

10. Lady's Shoe Vehicle
9. Duck Auto
8. UFO Vehicle
7. Image Electronic camera Cars and truck
6. Eco-friendly Grass Auto
5. Wood Automobile
4. Floppy-Disk Auto
3. Home Vehicle
2. Globe's Longest Limo
1. Globe's Smallest Automobile

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  1. The last car shown, The Peel P50 was made in the 1960’s by a manufacturer
    on the Isle of Man, UK, when new they were £199 or about $290.
    An original 1964 model was recently sold for £120,000 or $176,000 (the
    exchange rate at the time).
    So you might have looked a bit of a Muppet driving one in the 60’s, but if
    you still had it you would be very pleased to sell it now.
    You can still buy them new, but now for about £11,000 + Taxes.

    • What are you talking about? It might have its own government and
      legislation but it is definitely part of the UK.

    • You’re Splitting hairs here, The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency, as such
      subject to UK Jurisdiction, UK Currency, UK Defence, I’m English, Lived in
      the North west for 50 years, The Isle of Man is British!

    • +Paul Marshall It may be a British Isle but it is not part of the UK or the
      EU nor is it under UK jurisdiction as you claimed, just admit you were
      wrong , I am Manx , born and raised in Mann.

  2. I won’t mind getting the smallest car (Peel P50)
    Super light weight.
    Carry it around.
    Road Legal in Britain.
    This car has shown people how to make the future. Which comes from 1963.


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