1 .At Least She Was Truthful

I asked her 3 months after she got out of hospital, after a serious auto gate-crash( exactly herself, at a highway which roughly killed her ). We had been dating for 4 years and it was in the park. She alleged no in a small voice, amidst the squirrel chirping.

I won’t lie, it did sting big and it did suck for a while. But I don’t support it against her. Better to get a truthful’ No ,” then a lie “Yes,” which specifies it up for divorce subsequently. We broke up after a few dates. Haven’t spoken to her in years, but I hope she’s healed well from the trauma.

2. He Wasn’t Rich Enough

Not me personally, but my roommate endeavoured to Alabama for a while and dated a chick for 2 years. Her pedigree was super rich, she was dazzling, so of course he descended head over heels for her. He fell 5 magnificent on a doughnut, proposed to her at a Bama game, and she straight up told him no, and that he should actually are moving because he had no future where he was living, which he did the very next day.

3 .Sometimes Cold Feet Freeze Over

When I expected my ex to marry me, she said yes. It would have been better if she had said no.

We’d been together since our late teenages, for 10 times. By the 5 year rating I knew I wanted to marry her. I had persuasion myself she would say no if I didn’t have my occupation together, or even my own psyche claim. So I invested sometime focusing on progressing in those areas. Even changed in us, chiefly. A few meters she said that if I had asked her to marry her she’d say no. Sometimes she wasn’t ready, sometimes I wasn’t.

Then she started sagging serious intimates that she requires it, so I started strategy. I invested months planning out a sound( we were always pretty divulged ), figuring out HOW. I could never maintain trade secrets from her, so I didn’t ask any of her friends acts. I knew her, I didn’t need to know anything else about expecting her to marry me. I had to own this, this had to be a strong commitment.

So is requested her. I afforded her best available ring I could yield, and she said yes. We went out for a incredible dinner. This was just after our 10 year anniversary.

She didn’t want to tell any of my best friend. Any of our house. That should have been a clue.

7 months later we broke up. She’d been having mistrusts since before I expected her. I actually ended off with her because I found out shed been lying to me for months, and disclosing me for at least one.

Of all the times in our relationship that she had more projectiles than me, they apparently went away that one night.

4 .She Left For An Older Man…Then Called Me After He Dropped Her

We had been together off and on for about 4 years. We were in our longest and good on-period, and I proposed. Told her I required her to be my partner and the mother of my children, etc.

She frowned and read,” Well…I’m kinda dating[ guy friend I assembled formerly] and I think he’s the one .”

[ Guy friend I assembled once] was in his late 40′ s. She was in her mid-2 0′ s. She announced me up months later after he got bored of her. I tittered at her.

5 .If She Answers No Then It Basically Intention The Relationship

We’d been dating for about 4 years, with batch of good times and spate of bad times, but with the assumption that we were in it for good. We were about 25 -2 6. Unfortunately I wasn’t the best at communicating( this whole suffer truly knocked me into gear work now ), and so I asked the issues to before we had flat out discussed union. I asked while we were at home , nothing special but it precisely felt like the right moment( yes, I did have a hoop, it was well planned in that regard ).

Initially, her response was yes, but by the next morning she’d had time to think about it and “ve decided that” she wasn’t ready yet, which I understood and so we introduced the ring on a shelf and I told her that the ball was in her tribunal, to just let me know when she was ready. In retrospect, I think her answer was always yes, and she was just waiting for me to bring up those discussions again, but as the months and times went by without anything happening( remember that whole being bad at transmitting concept ?), I detected the interval between us growing, I worded some rancor, but largely I just stopped be thought that space about her. I detected stuck and trapped and didn’t know how to fix it. I’ve had a couple years to think about it is currently and I genuinely do anticipate a lot of it came down to that looming matrimony thing that stimulated me feel like nothing was moving forward with us, but at the time all I knew was that it didn’t feel right.

So unsurprisingly in the end we did break up, and while we were talking about it when the issue of the proposal came up it came out that she was waiting for me to introducing it up just as I was waiting for her. Too late at that point, and I’ve since procured a girl I do desire, but I still get irritated about that relationship, partly because after all the time I put into it nothing ran of it, and partly because as I gain more interval and understanding of what happened, it was such a stupid intellect for things to end, that is likely to be rectified so easily if we’d exactly talked. Not to say we didn’t talk, but never about what we needed to.

6 .She Felt She Was Living A Lie

I questioned my SO to marry me after out 2 time anniversary. We had “was talkin about a” marriage extensively, and I was sure she was going to say yes. I wasted about a magnificent on a doughnut, which was a lot for my income. I proposed when she came home, and she said yes. I was overjoyed. I was going to marry my first girlfriend, and my best friend I’ve ever had. I told my family and friends, and instantly started planning the occasion. We were just going to have a small marriage, and not invest much money. About a month before the wedding, she told me she didn’t love me anymore, and was living a lie by staying with me. I moved out the working day, and haven’t fairly been the same since. Suffered severe sadnes and anxiety for months after. I would’ve wished a simple no.

7 .To Love Is To Require What’s Best For Them Even At Your Own Expense

I proposed to a girlfriend of a few years. Wanted so much for it to work. It was in public but I was discreet. She didn’t return a super insistent yes and merely kind of led along with it, which worried me but I wasn’t going to raise an issue if she was going along with it. She did seem so pleased to see you both and told some people.

Eventually I met the writing on the wall and could feel the conflict within her, because she knew how much I adoration her, how much I’d done for her, how I selfishly expressed hope that I necessity her. I violated acts off and “lets get going”. To adoration is to want what’s best for them even at your own overhead, I live and expired by this.

8 .Proposed For All The Wrong Reasons

In hindsight it was a quite jerk move for me to propose.

I was 26 and had been dating this girlfriend( let’s request her Mona) for 9 months. She had endeavoured to my municipality for handiwork and we’d convened when a pal of excavation had wreaked her” new colleague from out of city” to a BBQ another friend was having. I had just come out of a relationship in which I had strong distrusts I’d been left for another guy( turns out I was wrong ). I was keen to date in general, as in it didn’t have to be a specific girlfriend, only anyone, to prove to myself I still “had it” and to prove to my ex she’d made a mistake.Mona was merely keen to encounter beings in general, I think.

Looking back the nine months we invested together was nice but that’s about it. There was no deep closeness, the category “youre feeling” when you find person you think is” the one “. We were just comfy, our lives and friends supported the existence of the relationship.

A few happens combined contributed significantly to my proposal 😛 TAGEND Mona was offered a promotion at work that would move her back interstate- she was going to take it. We attended two weddings together which had been enjoyable and nostalgic in the way that manufactures you forget that bridals are really stressful for the people involved. People in “peoples lives”( friends and siblings) were all pairing off and I was scared of left alone.


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