The world's fastest ever crash test– simply how huge are the forces involved as well as how much of a family members auto is left after it collapses at a rate not uncommon on British motorways?

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    • Ewan B a good way to explain what I mean : two cars are going in the same
      direction linear to each other one is going 60 mph behind, and one is going
      30 in front when the car behind collides with the one going 30 it’s like
      both cars hitting at 30 mph, just the geforces are opposite to each other.
      But the energy is transferred to the car in front, and in turn slows down
      the car behind, so the car behind is now going 30 and the one in front is
      going 60. So if two cars going 60 are colliding with each other, think of
      one of the cars actually going -60 in relation to the one moving 60. So
      60-60=0; Newton’s second law of motion

  1. Why was the presenter so distraught with the crash? He knows there isn’t
    live passengers, and it was a cheap car so who cares?

  2. Eye opening, but then again this has been known for half a century, it
    shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Here’s another point, you’re traveling
    at 55 mph and another car in the opposite direction is also traveling at 55
    mph and both cars collide in a head on collision for some reason or
    another, it’s the same result as what happened in the video.

    • Two vehicles hitting each other square on at both 55mph would be the same
      as one vehicle impacting a solid object (Like a concrete block) at 55mph.
      Vehicles themselves are not solid objects and designed to dissipate energy,
      unlike a concrete block. The image created in the video would be roughly
      the equivalent of two cars hitting each other both travelling at 120mph. An
      almost impossible scenario hence why this sort of carnage is rarely
      depicted in reality, where as two vehicles travelling head on into one
      another at 55mph is a bit more common and usually survivable.

    • +Badly_Dubbed That’s fine except the other vehicle is not stationary like
      the concrete block, it’s also traveling at the same speed hence creating a
      greater force than if it was stationary, like the concrete block. I would
      think the speed would make up for the density of the stationary, concrete
      block even if it’s designed to dissipate on impact. Also, not all survive
      head-on collisions and some of those are not full head on but slightly to
      one side or the other or in a different manner which improve survivability.

    • It’s doesn’t really matter. You’d still be very lucky to live either way ,
      especially it was an offset crash. I should know, I survived one one,
      albeit at lower speed. I did get to see the police engineers report and
      photos on my car – it showed my seatbelt reel mounting had been pulled
      through the metal and any greater force it would have broken off…

    • I guess I didn’t lay on the sarcasm thick enough.

      Truthfully though there’s not one single passenger vehicle other than a
      heavily modified race car that can see survivors at a 120mph crash.

      Facts are if you are in a car and wreck at 120 just forget about living you
      are history.

  3. 4:52 “It’s almost turned into a piece of modern art.” Yes! Put extremely
    crashed cars in a museum, dead bodies and all.


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