Alright dames, today is International Women’s Day! Great, so they’ll devote us a daylight, but won’t pass us the wage of a person in the exact same berth as us. Cherish that. The gals have 24 hours where we can all berth vague memes about equality, so I think it’s safe be asserted that we solved sexism! Everyone pack up your things, our profession here is done. Don’t gave the door grab you by the pussy on the way out LOL.

In all seriousness, International Women’s Day is rad, but there is still so much work to be done. Well guess what, my best good betch, you can get started on that work today!’ Tis the season day, after all. In example you need some steering when it comes to figuring out how to help women, we’ve gone ahead and put together a comprehensive register for you. We certainly do is therefore necessary to do like, everything, don’t we? Anyway, try celebrating ladies by checking off some of the things on this list, or die a sexist monster. Your see!

1. Push For Equal Pay

Seriously, how are we still is speaking to this? As of 2018, female full-time laborers prepared exclusively 80.5 cents for every dollar be achieved by beings. It’s important to note that the numbers get even worse when factoring in hasten, because “its all” junk. What are these men getting paid more for? Sexually bothering us? Help introduced this bullshit to remainder, and challenge that your female peers get paid the same as their male peers. And if you’re a person in charge of deciding women’s stipends, make sure you give them the same quantity you give the men. Simply employed: repay us, bitch !!!

2. Teach Men( And Everyone) Not To Rape

It’s 2019 and abuse culture has got to! Stop perpetuating the idea that ladies are responsible for constituting sure they don’t get abused. Stop telling dames to shove their keys between their thumbs Wolverine- mode, and start teaching husbands the explanation, nuances, and importance of consent from a young age. When someone makes a joke that forgives crime/ date rape, make off on their ass! That sh* t isn’t funny, dude.

3. Resolve The War On Pocket In Femme Clothing

All of my full-dress requirement pockets and that’s merely all there is to it. Somebody please go talk to management about this, thank you.

4. Make Oprah President

I firmly believe that if Oprah was president everything “wouldve been” FINE. Obligate it happen, people.

5. But Seriously, Elect Women

A society run by mortals is a corporation made for men. We necessitate dames making decisions in our governments, and that symbolizes appointing women who run for public place. Representation matters, and so does voting. Women be given the opportunity to make change, so go out there and employed women in positions of superpower.

6. Stand up For Women, And Stand up To Your Acquaintances Who Don’t

If you see your buddy being a class-A slither, announce him on that sh* t! Don’t let misogynistic demeanor pilot. If you’re a guy, doing this bare minimum thing will make everyone around you think you’re a f* cking hero, so if doing the right thing isn’t brainchild enough, there is always that.

7. Compliment Our Minds, Bitch

Women are told from a young age that our appears are what we should ethic most. I recollect kinfolk sidekicks telling me how jolly I was at persons below the age of like, ten. It’s strange and gross and it needs to stop. Try telling young girls and flourished dames how intelligent, imaginative, original, etc. they are. And then you can feel free to congratulate our perfect cheekbones, mane, makeup, robes, etc. Thanks!

8. Idk, Believe Us ?!

Believing us when we recount the specific realities we have known as maidens is an option, just saying.

9. Pass A Law That Laura Dern Must Be In Every Film And TV Show

Representation matters.

10. Say” Bye Bitch” To White Feminism

Pushing a non-inclusive feminism is bad for feminism. Feminism that adopts exclusion is not about equality and that’s sanctimonious af. Check your feminism as you check your privilege, and make sure everything is in line with intersectional feminism criteria.

11. Stop Telling Us To Smile

Literally we will kill you.

12. Listen To Our Ideas. No But Like, Really Listen

People have a course of rejecting wives, sometimes explicitly and sometimes more subtly. Simply slamming the f* ck up when women talk is a start, but the project doesn’t demise there. Make sure you’re actually hearing what they are saying, as to report to only coming up with a response/ refute to what they just said. Take time to process what women are saying. Take the time to reevaluate costs and standards that you have learned from a patriarchal culture. Women have insight that you might not have considered, so take the time to understand it. Okay, thanks!

13. Stop Directing To Grown-Ass Women As Girls

Calling a full-grown wife is defaming, and yet so common. If she can’t order off of the children’s menu she is a woman. Likewise God is a woman, final react !!!

14. Ban Khakis

Please, for the enjoy of God, set us out of our calamity and burn all the khakis. Save our eyes, save men’s humility, save the world.

15. Prioritize Women’s Safety

The world likes to put on a front of believing it’s etiquette to “save the women and children first, ” but the reality is that women’s safe is often disregarded. Did you know that gondola clang dummies are frequently male, meaning automobiles can extend security regulations without really being safe for women? This obligates it so they don’t got to go the “extra mile” of preparing autoes that are safer for female torso sorts. Cool! And that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. Shit is f* cked up, and time’s up( as the kids say ). Women’s safety needs to be prioritized like, yesterday.

16. Buy Us All A Fenty Beauty Kit

I cannot stress this enough. Legally every single woman is appropriate to provide for gifted a Fenty Beauty Kit.

17. Stop Slut-Shaming

Seriously, slut-shaming is so 2009. And it shouldn’t have even been a thing back then. Sluts are amazing. Sluts stimulate the world go round cum hard-boiled. Fuck the double touchstone. Viva la slut.

18. Don’t Leave Sex Proletarian Out Of Your Feminism

If you think you are a feminist, but go around talking shit about women who sell copulation for a living, visualize again bitch !!! Sex works are beings too, and merely because they’ve received a road to monetize their own bodies doesn’t means you get to talk down to them. They receive no protection from the law and government, and their rights are invariably under volley. Stop announcing parties “hookers” or “prostitutes, ” or anything of that sort as an offend. Moving money off of what your mama gave you shouldn’t be a crime, and surely shouldn’t omit you from human rights and equal rights. And even if you don’t believe fornication job is appropriate to provide for legalized…just try not to be a bitch about it, k?

19. Male: Consider Going A Vasectomy As A Form Of Birth Control

Listen, it’s not an invasive surgery, whereas going your tubings tied very much is. Likewise, pregnancies exclusively happen when y’all jizz all up in our sh* t, so technically they are your “fault.” Take some responsibility, and snip that shit if you don’t want kids. It can even be overruled! I’m going to receive so much better hate forward for this lololol!

20. Vote Donald Trump Out Of Office

I don’t need to explain myself here. Check you at the canvas in November 2020 or see you in hell.

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