1. My first mistake was announcing a character a “coward” ~ ATAGEND

My friend had mentioned that she had one, so I asked her to pull the members of the commission out so I could check it out. At first she said no, but then agreed to do it as long as she didn’t have to participate. After she had the members of the commission put together I asked” Is there anyone in here “…. nothing. So, being a stupid girl I said ” If anything is in here and not talking, you’re a coward “. The committee was put away after that.

Fast forward about a week afterwards and have me sleeping upstairs on my sofa. I wake up on a stereotypical” Stormy Night “. Thunder and lightning, gale and rain..the works. I look around to interpret why I woke up and couldn’t see a circumstance, and decide to try and fall back asleep. After laying there for about 30 s I hear from downstairs” Get the boy” in a extremely raspy, wispy spokesperson. I open my seeings and listen……nothing. Start going to go to sleep …” GET THE BOY”, “its been” MUCH louder this time. Then my downstairs entrance SLAMS shut. I freak the F* ck out because nobody slept down there and we had no drafts.

2. It made a statement in Latin

Doing the board with six or seven parties, just one of your best friend knows Latin and he is not touching the oracle, the contact starts speaking to us in Latin. This same friend subsequently attracted his hand back from the oracle having received what looked like a small scratching on his wrist , not bleeding but bright blood-red as if fresh. His lover at the time was harassed by a contact the government has made and would wake with strange bruises on her legs.


3. A creepy-crawly doll

I have a terrifying floor about an ouija board. I got a call from my cousin who said that he, two brothers, his papa, and his best friend were employing an ouija in their basement. Prior to starting they took a large porcelain doll out of the chamber because it was creepy-crawly and residence it in an adjacent room face down on a slew of towels.

My cousin took a short break because the board was just spurt sillines and he went to take a shit. His pa and brother and pal started asking the board questions without him, one of the questions was who is in the other chamber? It merely started spurting random amounts and when my cousin came back into the room two brothers said that it wasn’t working that they were going to put it away and he demonstrated him the answer to the last query he questioned and he said ” buster that’s my social security quantity !, then they started to talk to whatever started spewing reactions out, it told my cousin he would die in the forces. At this item they tell the entity they are connected to to prove itself. It then spelled out the word “DOLL” and they were like wtf.

They opened the door to check on the porcelain doll they had laid in the other chamber and when they opened the door the doll was standing up right in front of the door staring right at them. Everyone freaked and ran out of the house. His best friend burned the ouija board and I think he temporarily started nuts for a few months. My cousin for some ground then joined the us air force and is on a basi in Europe now.

4. My dad was in the spirit world

It talked about my dead papa. Smudge on. It was just so freaky, and talking about my father various kinds of prepares me uncomfortable to begin with.

5. I questioned it how long I had to live

We all questioned it an issue that simply the person asking would know the answer too. It would answer the questions.

One question that somebody expected was ” what was the names of the boat i went on a cruise on when i got 6 ?” it answered.

We played with this thing forever, we had coldspot knows and would target a candle where the coldspot was and the candle would burn sideways not straight up and down. One night we all aksed it how long we had left to live and this is where it gets scary. Everybody asked and they had 50 -6 0+ years left.

I go to ask and it says 10. I request 10 times and it says days.

I pretty much shit a brick at this phase. It said i was gonna be killed in a car accident by a girl reputation emma. We would expect it 3 days later and it would say I had 7 days left. Expect it 2 days later it said I would have five days left and so on.

Im freaking out at this point, carrying a bible in my pocket and wearing a big cross. I ultimately tell my father and he doesnt believe me so I drew one out of a piece of paper and used a cd to show him. It made and he flipped out and told me that I didnt got to go to academy the working day I was supposed to die. I didn’t go to academy and good-for-nothing happened.

6. Choked

I have no evidence, and I do not attend if you don’t believe me. I’ve use a board with outcomes, and make something into my house. And have been physically assaulted by this entity.

It started out with that seeming like you’re being watched, and doorways closing, and footsteps on the hardwood when you were home alone. And developed gradually into being holds awake by something shaking the couch, or gathering off your plows. Sometimes even whispering your refer. The committee would disappear for daytimes on end, then show up in places “youve never” would have introduced it. I grew obsessed with it. Then it was a black mass in the reces of the area. Or the silhouette of a follower watching you from the doorway. After that it intensified pretty quickly. I had my “hairs-breadth” drawn. Paws pricked. Scratched. Choked. Held down in berth while this thing whispered in my ear in what could have only been Latin ….. We had our house sanctified and the bad thing hasn’t demonstrated back up. Just the normal presences now. But I will never again play with one of those boards.


7. ” I can see you through the window “~ ATAGEND

I was about 12 or 13 investing the nighttime at a friend’s mansion, boobing around with the Ouija board with him& his sister and “were in” going different kinds of gibberish plus paroles spelled out, just kind of fearing ourselves for recreation not taking it very seriously when we got the message” I can see you through the window” and then” I can see you through his eyes” or something like that…there was just a small opening in the cellar area where we were, and merely the back yard and timbers past the driveway visible through that window…we requested it more questions and it said ” I’m under the car” so we somehow got up the nerve to go out with a flashlight and peer under the car, where we assured a huge pitch-black stray cat which was hissing.

We ran inside freaking out and at that precise minute the dominance neglected and all the light-headeds in the members of this house went out. We just about actually shit ourselves. Few a few minutes later the influence is coming and we sat up till dawning that night scared and never played with the members of the commission again.


8. Our firstly mistake

My wife and I had some unexplained things going on in the house “were in” renting. So we got a board so we could try to figure out what we were are working with. Bad idea. The committee was just a standard plain card. We applied it one nighttime to speak with( hopefully) our feeling. What we didn’t realize is that Oujia boards open the door for anything to come through and pronounce. The appearing part hovered off the board near the end of our session and we had no real answers to anything we were speaking with something, but it was very evasive with its answers. Happenings get worse in the house and we eventually burst our rental and moved…Radios and TVs going on by themselves water guiding, after the board though events got bad. Spokespeople, moving objects, and my wife says I got possessed one night, but I can’t validate that as I was asleep.

9. OMG

My mum has forewarned me against using them due to her working experience: she used one at a friend’s room when she was young.

Nothing of consequence happened during the use of the board, yet she have also pointed out that whatever phantom they were’ chitchatting’ with seemed to be violent and have it in for her. She shrugged it off and left in her car.

On the course home, she smacked and gruesomely killed a mare which’ appeared out of nowhere ‘, operating at her vehicle. In the midriff of a town. In the afternoon.

10. ” Woodchipper coincidence “~ ATAGEND

My enormous aunt has never wedded, and when I asked why, my dad was just telling me the narrative. Apparently when she was sixteen she had a pretty serious boyfriend. When she used members of the board, she asked if they are able to get married, and it said no. She asked if they would broken off … no … asked if one of them would die and it said yes, and when she questioned which of them it said’ goodbye ‘. A week afterwards he was in a woodchipper coincidence at the mill where he worked.


11. We failed 10 hours

My friend and I were about 14 or 15. She had a Ouija board that we used very often.( I ever considered she used pushing it for the merriment ingredient, I never took it to gravely) One night we started, and it was about 9 p.m we started get really strange sayings, none of them i can recollect 27 year later) and we got a appoint. although the identify i have forgotten over the years, it said he was from Malaysia. He was here to protect us.( i do remember that much) The next occasion we know its 7a. m! It was like we blinked and the sunlight was up. It was VERY freaky. we Lost 10 HOURS of “peoples lives”. Neither of us remember anything about it. We were just standing here at the counter look at this place each other like” WTF HAPPENED ??” To bad we didn’t have a 3rd party there to tell us. She would never use it again, I did, but i never had that happen again.

12. Warning

The last suffer I had with a quija board, the plachett winged across the room, crushing against the wall, of it’s own superpower. They ARE a doorway, and unless you know how to interigate the flavour, you have no opinion what so ever who or what is communicating with you. You’ve opened a entrance, and called them through. oops.

13. Accurate demise prediction

I was staying at a hotel with friends in northern Ontario for a chess tournament. Geeky I know. Can’t precisely remember the town. Anyway, we were looking for some stimulates at night and someone busted out a board. One of those official ones you can get from toys’r’us. We requested a few questions I can’t remember but I will never forget when we would like to know whether it knew if any of us was going to die. Yeah I know strange question to ask. Uh so it spelled out person or persons mention that was with us at the time. And then a year which was approximately a year later. My sidekick croaked a year later from cancer in his knee. He knew about it 6 a few months ago he died. To this day I is and remains curious about the machine but damned if I’ll ever stroked it again.


14. Photos of what it did

http :// i.imgur.com/ FssFx.jpg
http :// i.imgur.com/ PSSqa.jpg
http :// i.imgur.com/ Z3xIv. jpg

These are the photos of what happened to me after utilizing a homemade Ouija Board tonight. We requested a variety of questions asking the flavour if it was the one who had scratched by chest which had been done prior to using the members of the commission. It responded yes and it said that it was ” here” for “me” and that it was not going to leave. I pray that it will.

15. I need proo -~ ATAGEND

Only did it once when I was like 17. In a roomful of people and one minor said something like” this is all fake, i need pr ….” before he finished the word “proof” the lighters in the entire house set off. If that was a co-occurrence, it was the oddest one i’ve ever seen. No one else was in the house and the fuse box was buried in the back of a closet. The kid’s dad had to come home and make it back on, told you so never happened before( entire route tripped ).

16. It knew Arabic

I ever felt these thoughts were bs. Nonetheless years ago this changed when I did it once with some random parties at a get together. We were talking to all sorts of different “spirits” and I wasn’t taking any of it severely. Then I thought of a method to make this to the test. I’m Kuwaiti American and was born in Kuwait. So I know arabic and knew of a pal of my brother that past away lately. So I asked to speak with him. Now only person or persons knew me at the get together and even then didn’t know that much about me. I was surely the only one who could speak Arabic( I was in Oklahoma at the time ). So I requested in Arabic how he died. The card spelled out car accident. I was a bit dismayed but still didn’t buy it entirely. So I requested a more detailed topic. I requested in Arabic how age-old was he when he died. It pointed to 1 and then 3. That’s when I started really freaking out. No one would have ever known of these items let alone understood what I was requesting. I asked for more details on the gate-crash( he hovered out of the sunroof) and after that I stopped. Haven’t stroked a Ouija board since.


17. S–AT–AN

My grandma forbids them from her home, because once when she was younger her and her friends messed with one. They requested who they were talking to, it spelled out satan and then her friend( who owned the members of the commission) started shaking and from then on assert she detected a proximity when she sleeps.

18. C-U-N-T

About two to three years ago my friend raised her Ouija board to my house so we could play with it. The first few epoches it was used, I just watched while some of my other friends use it. Then I chose I would join in on it. We asked if there was a spirit present and it went to yes. We expected it it’s epithet, but instead of just going to the a letter addressed to spell it out, it started going to random words , not making out any particular message. I asked for it’s name again and it spelled out” B I T C H “. I started freaking out and then it spelled” C U N T”, then ran right back to random characters again. I freaked out and left the chamber after that. whatever it was it either feel really aim or something other than a character. Perhaps never expending one again after that.


19. Strange distinguishes

My brother constructed a ouija board once and had some pretty weird meetings. Ill have to ask him for the details some time.
Anyways he shaved down his pointer situation formerly and noted spooky commemorates on it that exclusively demonstrated up under a pitch-black ignite. No markers found in the grove the pointer was cut from, and markers would show up as pitch-black under the black illumination while this proved crimson. Anyone else suffer this?

20. ” This is not a game anymore “~ ATAGEND

Perfect story. 100% true-life. About 15 years ago, My sister had some very good friends one night. They were in the cellar watching some spooky movie. They had an Ouija board. They started cussing at it and announcing it “shit” and” fucking fake “. It stopped responding so they inaugurated watching the movie again.

All of a sudden, all the sunlights and energy disappears out. They start hollering. Then the tv is coming back all static and is blairing noisse. They were wailing and weeping. Then, the tv shuts off and comes back on to just a pitch-black screen. The words,” This is not a game anymore” wheel in all the regions of the screen in all white. After, the tv shuts off and and they are in ended darkness. They run out of the house.

Afterwards, they go back to the house and our dog hid and when they found it, all it did was bark and ogle very angry at them.



21. Figure 8s

a girl drew her authentic ouija board made out of maple straight from Salem. Ironically, she was very Catholic, but cherished her board, it and was a very interesting few darkness in the dorm with it. I anticipate the second darknes we were playing with it, and it was going slow , not much move, meh. I had my hand off the planchette because I still wasn’t so sure about the thing. Suddenly, it was like cold fingers grabbed into my shoulders ever so somewhat, and this horrible sensitive in the back of my psyche just came to the surface. I examined to the board of directors and the planchette started are moving forward a demonic blueprint, I recall figure 8s this time. I looked at the girl and said ” I have a bad feeling about that” in time for her to realize what was happening. She stopped the movement and bid the atmosphere good bye. In that instant, the icy control tightened and all was well.

Everyone was like ” woaah” when the girl explained that the figure 8 meant that something was trying to get out of the board.( This is common lore that goes with Ouija practice .)

22. Max is always around

When I was about 14 our friend had a sleep over birthday party. Being the silly “girls ” “were in” we decided to make a ouija board to employment , not really knowing any of the relevant rules like establishing it say goodbye. After an hour or so I walked off to read some tarot cards and watch the rest of the Exorcist with the other couple of girls who didn’t want to commune with spirits.( Rereading that last sentence I sound like such a stereotype. I still use tarot cards though so I never flourished out of this chapter it seems .)

Here’s were it got funny. After I left the spirit talking to my friends changed. As in it switched to a different being wholly. His epithet was Max and he was looking for me. I’ve never known a Max in my life. My friends yelled out what he was saying as it moved and I was writing off as them tantalizing me until he started opening them information about me that no one at that party knew. Circumstances about minor misuse I was facing and other little things.

That freaked me out right out. I asked for them to stop playing, even after Max tried to convince me that he was not trying to throbbed me. My acquaintances were breathtaking and stopped playing before I started crying and I thought that was the end of it.

The next time a Ouija board came out was the next year and simply one girl from the original defendant was among the group. We were roasting a patty so when the buzzer went off she and I honcho up to take it out of the oven. When we got back to the group another girl turning now to me and questioned’ Who’s Max ?’ Apparently he’s stuck around after that first time. If your best friend want to use a Ouija board they don’t invite me over unless they want to speak to Max. He’s always around.

A few meters in my life I’ve heard a expression call out my appoint. it frequently realizes me stop for a minute , no more but at least twice had I not stopped I would have been in the path of a vehicle going to rapidly to stop before it would have reached me. I strongly accept Max has stayed around to be helpful but had we not plucked out that Ouija board I would have never known about him.


23. June 24, 2987

My GF was just telling me this story about its own experience she had with a ouija board while in high school sometime in 1986. She had a friend named Johnny who was suffering from CF or some other incapacitating illness, who had recently been hospitalized as a result. Both she and her friend Shelly visited Johnny regularly in the expectations of remaining his intents up and for a speedy convalescence. One darknes after visiting Johnny, they were at Shelly’s when they decided to try out a ouija board. After a while, they started communicating with a being who seemed to know a lot about them that it really shouldn’t. After some banal questions about young boys and general questions one would expect teenaged girlfriends to question, my GF decided to ask about Johnny and his provision. The board immediately spelled out” 24 June 1987 Johnny wont have to worry anymore” and was just going “goodbye”. My GF and Shelly were so remain convinced that timber was throwing them a time for recovery that they actually wrote the message down and closed it in an envelope. The subsequent fiscal year on 24 June, it turned out that Johnny certainly no longer needed to worry about his condition.

It was the working day he died.



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