A few managers from Ask Reddit are here to tell you the worst apologizes laborers have given them for calling out.

1. They’re superstitious and refuse to work on any Friday that falls on the 13 th because something bad always happens to them.

2. When making her morning coffee, sand went in her goblet and then her creamer was bad. So because her coffee was all incorrect she couldn’t come into work that day.

3. When I was a manager, the reason given I most remember is:” My garage door opener broke and I can’t get it up .”

4. Called in horny. He was trying for a baby. Couple was regarded infertile, going through all sorts of managements and regimen. Dude announces in to the manager and says his wife is “ready.” Manager told him to take the day off. A few months later they confirmed conception past 12 weeks. It was very exciting, but also strange.

5. I had a coworker that would call in sick on freeing times for new computer games.

6. Some of my favorites when I was a manager 😛 TAGEND

” I can’t come in today because it’s too stormy and I can’t drive my auto .”

” I can’t come in today because my cell phone broke and I need to go buy a brand-new one, come from your best friend telephone .”

” I can’t come in because I missed the bus and being an hour late won’t be worth the money I’d shape being there on time .”

” I can’t come in today because my job gasps rent and I don’t have any other pairs .” You can just wear normal pants today .” No no, that wouldn’t be professional and fair to you .”

7. Former manager. A guy announced in and said that he already had started his laundry process and forgot that he needed to be at work. He wondered if it could be considered a sick day.

8. Had a guy who lived within eyeshot of the business, you could look out the figurehead door and find his house. He announced in because his automobile wasn’t working. At first we assumed that he was lodged somewhere with a violated car, but minutes later another employee pointed out that he was currently out front working on it.

Still don’t know if he simply genuinely did not want to walk to work or he thought that a 3 time walk was too far on foot.

9. Dinner with their mama … their mommy worked for me too and she evidenced up to her shift, but the daughter didn’t.

10. I had someone call up because they had a rash and was sure it was Smallpox so they were going to go to the doctor to see if they could get some cream to put on it…

11 . He called in because his thighs were chafed from the day before. No it was not sexual. Weird guy.

12. I had someone who said, “I’m not coming in today. Because reasons.” HR had a LONG talk with them for that.

13 . I working in collaboration with a guy who anytime it snows he calls in sick saying he’s not willing to threat their own lives to come to work.

14. Couldn’t make it to her 4am-8am switch because of church.

Similarly, couldn’t make it to her 12 am-4am alter because her family was in town.

These were two separate females. I highly disbelieve Jesus or your father want to spend time with you that early in the morning.

15. I’m typically impressed if they vex to even out an forgive, but I’ve heard a lot of dumbass shit.

Best was from a cook who “got saved” one Sunday and told me he was waiting to hear from his new preacher if it was ok to work at a bar.

He threatened to sue me for religious discrimination when I told him not to bother.

16. Once had a coworker say she had forgotten she had a court date that would have her unable to work for the entire day. She was calling out for a Sunday .

17. He called in because his father died.

His dad came in that day and had breakfast at the counter.


18. He wanted to give paid leave for a Friday. I knew his favorite strap was in town that Friday, and their concert would start right around the time work was set to get out. Instead I set him on 24 hours sick time( mostly paid time off, and the company only starts tracking it if it surpasses 24 hours) and told him to enjoy the concert.

19. I envisioned one in my LinkedIn feed where a guy offset all his meetings for a period because he’d had a dream that there would be a car crash on the motorway that day.

Imagine getting that call:” So you’re not coming in because there’s been a crash? Where? Was anyone hurt? What did you signify there’s not actually is an element? A dream !?”

20. I have an employee who goes home early all the time( once a week or so) because her daughter starts combats at academy. So either she’s lying or her daughter is a very violent four time old-fashioned and someone should be concerned.

21. I have this employee who is late just about every day. Other than your typical forgives, so far, her live has burned down twice…

22. ” I proceeded hiking yesterday, and now my legs are sore .”

23. I had someone call off because their electricity was out and she couldn’t blow her whisker dehydrate. I informed her to drive with her openings down and hung up. Had to fire her a few weeks later as she got arrested for beating up the brand-new lover of one of her newborn daddy’s.

24. Called in sick. We generally don’t ask why for the first 2 weeks. After two weeks we have to involve companionship doctor.

Company doctor reported back. Breast enlargement. We were told by HR not to make a fuzz even though it was not a good reason to call in sick. There was no previous history.

25. I had a subordinate once call in sick because he inadvertently closed his recliner on his cat, and apparently chopped its tail off.

The next evening, I asked about what his cat’s appoint was and he couldn’t answer.

26. Had an employee that had her mother call out for her because she had “a little too much to drink” on her birthday.

Real story: the daughter was in county lock up for Meth possession. Found her mug shot online.

27. Had an employee call in sick, saying it was the flu.

An hour later, he checked in at George Webb( Milwaukee eatery series) on Facebook, and posted a photograph of himself standing in a line outside of the restaurant that was three or four blocks long, just wait a free burger that the restaurants sector was giving away because the Milwaukee Brewers acquired twelve plays in a row.

He’s 30, by the way.

28. There was a construction truck parked blocking his driveway. I saw,” Why not ask them to move ?”

29. ” I know you’re not going to believe this, some homeless gentleman shatter into my house last night and filch all of my breathes. I will not be able to make it in today because I have to file a police report and had not yet been gasps to wear .”

30. A friend of mine, when he was in his early 20′ s called in drunk.

Friend: I can’t come in … I’m a quite drunk.

Boss: Oh …. You’re sick and can’t come in?

Friend: Nah … I’m just drink … can’t make it.

Boss: Noooo, you’re sick. Right?

Friend: Nah man, I’m just kinda drunk.

Boss: Ok, I’m putting you down as sick, get the hell out of here soon.



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