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33 Spooky Supernatural Stories( That Are Completely True)

These supernatural narratives from Ask Reddit only have supernatural causes.

1 . I did not see it but I would hear it and reek it. The first place I wreaked at as a harbour was recurred. In the middle of the darknes when everyone was in bunked, the announce of a wheeled baby-walker would go past the wet-nurse terminal. There was rarely a stink like unwashed whisker that they are able to occur in a corner of the nurse station. It did not reek like anyone there, and it was the same smell every time.

I exited treading in a cemetery formerly in the middle of winter and reeked sweet springtime flowers like narcissus floating in front of me. I got back to the car and heard skittering in the leaves. There was no wind. I turned around and three foliages were chasing themselves in a tiny whirl. I questioned who they were, and the buds fell to ground.

2 . Back in 1999 I was staying in a friend’s house for the darknes with a few other girls, we were standing by her bedroom space smoking, must have been around 11 pm, across the road we accompanied two chaps we had been in school with treading towards town( my friend lived in a house about a mile and a half from town ). We slammed on the window and wailed but they didn’t look and carried on walking towards town. The next day, we found out that the two cubs we had seen had been killed in a vehicle crash on the night we visualized them, acces before 11 pm. They had been playing reserve in the hamlet tavern and decided to drive into town for a drinking and another car smashed into them head on, about half a mile before my friend’s house.

3 . My aunt’s Yorkshire Terrier was put to sleep at 13 year olds because she was riddled with cancer. I was at her house about six months later, and we were all hanging out on the back foyer one darknes, just chit-chat and experiencing the night. No one was drinking or anything.

I moved inside to use the bathroom, and as I went out, I tripped over something furry. As I went down, I attended a distinctly Yorkie influenced darknes on the wall.

It didn’t scare me so much as it amazed me, because I had no room to second guess myself on this. I know what I felt on my bare foot and I “know what i m saying” I read silhouetted on the wall.

4 . I attest “therere” phantoms adopting me for a few years. In college I started to notice that when I was alone, I’d listen little altering sounds. Only the seem of something moving slightly. Little concepts would fall off a shelf, but nothing that they are able to break. It happened at work when I was alone, in my home especially when alone, just anywhere truly. I start to think now that something is there … However I wasn’t that scared because I concluded if this was actually a murderou haunt they’d be interrupting trash. So I just out loud one day say ” You know, you can hang out with me if you miss but you don’t need to make all the noise”

Then, it stopped. I ever heard the sounds for months. Then it started again. I told my roommate and she was creeped out. Her friend came to stay one night, and my roommate did not mention anything about my storey. Next date her friend says she woke up in the midst of the night and attest “shes seen” two Victorian epoch appearing boys taking their coats on and off.

So we figure it is necessary the ghosts. So I say once again” Please stop making this noise. You can be around me and play with me, I’ll be your friend .”

The rackets stopped and I didn’t really notice it again.

5 . Not something I notice , but when I was around 10 we had an old-fashioned forte-piano in the basement. At night, I would listen the most beautiful music being played on it.

I’m not much of a supporter in the supernatural, but I’ve never been able to come up with an explanation. I’m the only one in my family with any sort of musical expertise( and not much, at that) and this piano was incredibly out of tune and missing a pair strings.

6 . Had a coworker I got along great with. We were good friends in the first two months of what was going to be a great broship. He was always punctual so when he failed to show up for occupation and reaction his texts I had a feeling something was wrong. That daylight I just happened to work till 11 pm.

I had to stay late to finish his work before I could get off. I’ve lived in Michigan and grew up in the country so when I’m walking at night I save my hood on , no music and I go home as fast as I can. It was a quiet night, so dark I simply checked the smallest twinkle of wizards in the sky. I get a creepy feeling I’m being followed but see nothing at all. I resolve to stay alert as I affect the halfway brand to residence. On the acces home at night the last strech has no streetlights. Once I extend the last street light then I hear it. Click. Click. Clickclick. It is just like a motorcycle. When I turn my pate I see it. “It” was something that looked like a girl around my stature with her black hound besides her. She had a white shirt with a skirt on. But it didn’t make any sense why she wasn’t going to move her bike home.

Click. Click. Clickclickclick. I knew what the black dog propose then and sped up. The girl had no face as I casually glanced back. Click click, exited the bicycle as she trod with the dog. I didn’t operate but instead are caught up my go gait casually as if I was almost home. I didn’t look back again and the clicking stopped as I stole into my suite area.

Found out the next day my coworker passed away the day he didn’t come in. I’ve go the same route home several times in its first year since my coworker died but not formerly have I heard the click click of a motorcycle, a faceless girl in white, or pictured a pitch-black dog.

7 . I didn’t believe in phantom. I’m still exceedingly skeptical of the idea of haunts. The suggestion we exist after fatality seems method too optimistic to be true. That being said, I had a very strange experience.

I was in college in Chicago and my friends and I experienced a strange accommodation. The infinite had been a bar that predates prohibition that was loosely turned into a loft. And when I say loosely, I represent there were dividing walls that didn’t go to the ceiling to separate the areas and there was a shower and they took the bar itself out, but other than that very little work had been done on the place.

There was a creepy as fucking cellar. In the basement, there was a turn of the century beer cool sparkler vault. It was a big heavy room all lined with wood with a big heavy door and suspicious hooks and hoses dangling from the ceiling.

Now, my area had a closet under the stairs to go up to the apartments on the higher floor. There was a door to the closet, which was under the taller part of the stairs. Then, there was another door inside the first doorway into the small space under the lower stairs. Behind THAT door, there was a trap door set into the floor that was nailed slammed. All three doorways had fastens on the outsides of the doors.

Curious as to where the trap door disappeared, I ogled around in the creepy cellar, merely to find the trapdoor in my chamber have contributed to a infinite in the basement that was completely walled off, like a area with no door.

One day, I was sewing in my room, and the wardrobe openings impeded popping open on their own. We used to joke there was a ghost because of the creepy cellar. I remembered the phantom was just a joke and my closet entrance continued popping open because of a draft or something. I stopped shutting it, it maintained popping open. Eventually I get pee-pee because every time the door popped open it would stumble my chair and disrupt my sewing. I actually fastened the door shut. I sit back down. And right before my gazes I ascertain the fasten pa open for no fucking conclude and the doors swung open with thrust and smack-dab my chair really hard.

Pissed, I stood up and said “FUCK OFF YOU STUPID GHOST I AM TRYING TO GET WORK DONE! ” And the doors swung slam on their own and then I looked the fastening lowered back into place on its own, and the doors never popped open on their own again after that.

I feel a little bad. Sorry I screeched at you, spooky phantom. I thoughts I was just fucking around but if specters exist I shrieked at you way too harshly over some chair bumping.

8 . About a year or so ago, my puppy and I had an encounter with what is referred to as a “stickman”.

It was a bit after 4am and I was wrapping up some late darknes wreak from dwelling. My piece was done, but there was another team that needed to run through a artillery of tests. While waiting on them, I decided to duck out for 15 minutes to catch a smoke and get my dog out.

When we got downstairs and outside, I let me dog off rein so she start find her perfect spot to pee and poop( severely, it takes her forever to pick a place) while I illuminate up my cigarette and preserved an attention on her. A few minutes pass and my dog starts narrowing in on a discern to crap. Being the responsible puppy owned I am, I start marching her space with turd purse in hand ready to pick up whatever foul present she had decided to gift the lawn with. Nonetheless, just as she about to hunch over and mash one out, “shes gone” ridged and started snarling at the tree about 10 paws in front of her.

I stopped marching towards her, but looked over towards the tree. With no street lights and it being the dead of night, I couldn’t make anything out nor could I hear anything. However, my dog was convinced something was over there. So, to get her to chill the fuck out before she started barking and arouse everyone up, I started marching towards the tree in an attempt to show her nothing was wrong. I visualize I got within 5 or 6 paws of the tree before it stepped out from behind it and in front of me. It was tall. Certainly tall! I actually had to look up to see it’s psyche. Being 6′ 7 ” myself, that doesn’t happen to me all that often. Beyond the tallness, it was skinny. Like too skinny to host organs skinny. It was all colors very with no real noticeable features including the face. I simply stood there for a second and so did it. Then it turned around and ran from us in the weirdest mode. Almost like it was floating but still moving its legs. No resonate either.

I watched it as it effortlessly comprised 50 or so gardens and rushed a six hoof fence in a matter of seconds. Then it was gone. Weirdest shit I have ever seen.

9 . When I was~ 8 I was outside my academy in the car rider pick up line waiting for my parents. We were all sitting in the front quadrangle neighborhood and being a bit of a individualist I was sting there listening to the girls around me talk and play. Across the street was a huge beautiful age-old oak tree with a massive plume of leave that were turning colorings of orange and red as drop was coming. I was watching the leaves sway in the wind and just listened to rising and descending swish induced. At some phase I anticipate I went into a trance watching the leaves and listening to the wind as everything seemed to fade away except for the tree and wind.

It was then I started listening expression. It seemed to come from the tone of needles swishing but was also separate from them. It was a whisper that seemed to come from a distance. That may sound cliche but that’s the only course I can describe it.

It simply said,” A big-hearted one is coming .”

A bit startled and mystified I said I didn’t understand. It echoed itself. I said I didn’t know what it intended and it replied,” You will see “. And that was the end of it. Everything seemed to come back into focus. I told my parents who is currently spiritual and they were a bit concerned but not fright. There had been legends of beings in our family who had odd circumstances happen to them. My dad even had a few tales of his own.

A week later I was at my cousins residence at dusk played with them on the trampoline. I was laying on the trampoline resting after playing for the last few hours while my 2 cousins were sitting on the edge talking. The gale started as a light-colored gust but then picked up to a steady puff. It happened again. This time it said,” It’s coming. It’s coming and they don’t know .” I requested who they were and what it was. It replied back,” Too late, it’s here .” That was the end.

About 10 minutes later the back door swung open to my uncles trailer and my aunt started wailing for us be coming down. On the bulletin they were reporting about a tornado that had immediately spawned above a town about 30 instants north of us. It killed over a dozen people because it spawned so quickly that there was no warning.

I’ve never had that happen again and I’m not sure I’d want it to.

10 . I was in my grandparent’s kitchen with my cousin, talking about all the important things that 9-year-olds have to discuss. We were both sat in swivel chairs perpendicular to a hallway, which concluded with a entrance on the left( to the cellar) and a entrance on the right( to the bathroom ). Suddenly I look a white-hot feline waltz across the hall from out of the cellar and into the bathroom.

My cousin revolves back around and stares at me, opening open and sees wide. She asks if I just assured the “cat-o-nine-tail” tread by and I nod. The two of us get up and saunter cautiously to the end of the hallway. The cellar door was shut and latched, and the lavatory was completely empty. I still have no idea what we identified, but it was creepy that we’d both assure the same thing.

11 . My cousin is suicide when he was 23. Entire family was devastated.

My other cousin( his sister) was his favorite person in the world. About 2 hours after his form had been located, my cousin( who I was with at the time) would like to call from his number it was nothing but silence and occasional white noise.

After keeping the label going for approximately for five minutes, I told her to merely hang up. A few minutes after hanging up and she gets a text from his numeral saying something along the lines of” I’m sorry. I love you. I hope you can forgive me .”

What freaked us out was that the cops still had his phone in evidence and this was back before planned texting was a thing. Either a sick escapade by some police or something else…

12 . I’ve had a lot of creepy-crawly knows, but I think this is the only one that isn’t a “typical ghost story”

I was about 13 at the time, residence alone, and it was pretty late at night. My family left for something while I was asleep a few hours earlier so I was just doing some duties while waiting for them to come home. For reference, my back door has a jolly large-scale window on it and its invoked above the soil because it should contribute to our back deck/ porch, so you can get a pretty good view of the backyard precisely from within. Our dawns were on but they don’t illuminate much of the yard, so after about 15 -2 0 foot the rest of the ground is either dimly lighted or pitch black.

I was doing some laundry and glimpse out the window where I appreciate what looks like a large tan figure on the dirt. At the time we had a boxer who was pretty large for her multiplied, so I recollected nothing of it and just assumed she was give away more quickly and I forgot to let her back in. I walk out onto the deck and start calling for her to come inside

I hear her claws clicking on the flooring from inside the house behind me and whatever the hell is in the yard starts to stand up. It unfolds out what I suspect would be one of its figurehead legs/ forearms and this leg is long . Like no way it could be human or a puppy long. It had to be at least three or four hoofs long. Its organization is super scrawny and it starts promoting its thought which is too small compared to how large-scale it’s legs and body are. It starts turning my direction but I book it back into the house as fast as a I can and lock every lock on the door. I couldn’t view many peculiarities because it was in a darker part of the ground, but I know whatever the hell it was was inhuman. I could hear the grass and leaves swishing so I know something was out there and I don’t think it was a hallucination.

13 . The first one I remember was back in August of 2016. I was on my terrace smoking a cigarette in the dead of night. It had to be around 4 am. There was no noise( sirens/ Tv/ radio, etc .) in the background. Out of nowhere, I discover someone( something ?) mumble in my ear “Annie”. I rushed and looked around. There was no one outside at all. I flowed back inside and disguised in my room.

Second one was around that time. In my bedroom, I had a dresser with a reflect attached to it. The dresser faced my berthed so I could see the mirror while I was laying down. One darknes, I was about to go to sleep when out the area of my eye, I pictured a illustration of a male path past my reflect. The first time I pictured it, I transferred it off as sleep destitution, but then it started to happen almost every night. After a few darkness of construing the figure walk past my reflect, I calmly said ” I have no ill will against you. If you predict not to harm me, you can stay ,” which voices funny if you think about it, but the above figures never harmed me. I determined flavor orbs( “its not” dust as I could see a luminous daylight moving around) around my suite all the time and never once felt fear.

More recently, when I was at the ER, my at the time boyfriend had fallen me off because he had to go to work. While I was in the chamber, I fell asleep on my stomach. I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but I woke up to someone shoving my back. It was a hard shove, extremely. I searched around pondering it was my boyfriend waking me up. There was no one in the area. I introduced my front back down and felt another jostle. I shot up and remained awake for the rest of the hospital visit. Obviously freaked me out.

Lastly, I have a spirit( possibly same one from my apartment) in my home now. I still hear my figure being called rarely when I’m home alone. I verify a single orb all the time( chiefly at night) and an occasional shadow if the daylights are on.

14 . I was staying in a friend’s house in a city that’s known for having a lot of old recurred residences. She’s an atheist, a doctor, very smart and extremely skeptical female, so when she straight-up told me,” I’d love to have you come visit, but fair warning, my house is recurred ,” I was like “…?” but I’ve known her since I was literally in the womb( we’re almost exactly the same age and our mommas are close friends and used to hang out together constantl, as did we) so if she said here today, I believed her.

She reported a number of incidents to me that I didn’t personally witness, like furniture moving by itself in a locked chamber, shit get violently knocked over and flip around, her pups refusing to go in the cellar, even realizing a semi-transparent human figure when she drew into her driveway one night.

For perspective, it’s a reasonably small house, and not very soundproof, so it’s easy to know where someone is. You generally enter through the side door, and that opens into a long hallway. Basement door on the left, bedroom entrance on the left, kitchen on the left, living room and dining room to the right, lavatory towards the other end of the house. The dining room was separated from the living room by a wall, and had been the source of most of the stuff she told me about.

So the first night I’m there, everything’s cool, “theyre saying” goodnight, she goes into her room with her dogs and slams the bedroom opening. I’m getting ready for bed in the living room. All of a sudden I hear the side door open and SLAM shut. I jump-start like a paw in the air, but it’s also a shitty tornado door, so whatever, maybe there’s just a stiff breeze.

Then the fucking footsteps start. I’m sitting perfectly still on the couch. My friend is a tiny lady( like perhap 100 pounds ). Her bird-dogs are medium sized( 30 -4 0 ). And I start hearing these HUGE, booming strides, like an enormous person garb really heavy boots is stepping gradually down the hall. For perspective, at the time I was in a relationship with someone who weighed about 350 lbs and wore steel-toed boots most of the time, and even he didn’t induce that much sound. But they resound exactly like steps, and they are definitely coming down the hallway.

They ultimately contact the enter to the living room, which was almost directly across from the bedroom door. The interference retains happening, but it remains almost in one place, and I get the distinct sensation that whatever it was, is turning around to look at the closed bedroom door. At that time, I ultimately look up, and there’s a huge shadow in the middle of the dormitory, takes up the whole width of it and descends over the bedroom opening. I don’t know how to describe it at all, but it actually felt like I was looking at the back of some shadowy but very solid creature.

I am not a religious or spiritual being, generally, but I basically play one on Tv — I’m from the rural South, and I have OCD( which clears me very superstitious, because of a lack of a better expression, particularly fixating on the idea that something I do or don’t do will cause harm to beings I enjoy ). I don’t want to go into too much about this because that’s not the point of the fib, but on pure inclination, I did some’ good luck’ nonsense, and I recollect not being able to look up from the coffee counter, feeling like something was pushing my president down, just thinking,” Go away, “re just leaving her” alone, go away, pick on someone your own fucking size” precisely over and over for what felt like forever. Then the pressure promoted, and I seemed up, and it was gone. I had a panic attack for like an hour, finally calmed down enough to go to sleep, and the entire remainder of the visit was uneventful.

I have never forgotten how scared I was. I don’t know how how she lived with it — about five years after she bought the house, she found out that the previous owner had committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling lamp in the dining room, and that when “shes seen” a painting, he had been the “person” “shes seen” in her driveway. She resolved up turning the breakfast nook into a guest bedroom and having the whole place exorcised by a pastor( she went to med academy at an historically Catholic school and apparently the chaplain did not bat an eyelash. She’s still an atheist, still lives in that house, but last experience I was there, every chamber had a crucifix in it.

15 . I knew the same day twice. This was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I woke up and “ve had my” ordinary breakfast and noted that the same caricatures used to play as yesterday but reruns weren’t uncommon. Went to institution and was disorient why we were going over the same stuff as yesterday but didn’t question it. Review wasn’t uncommon. It wasn’t until the end of the day we had an extra 20 minutes so the teach was playing” guess the count 1-100/ higher or lower” and you got a piece of sugar if you acquired. So the first round starts and parties make their suspects and the first digit was 50 and that’s what it was yesterday. I recollected it was 49 after because it was one less and then 99 because it was one less than 100 and then 35 which was her age. I told her I knew what she was picking because these are the numbers she picked yesterday. She said we didn’t play this yesterday and guessed I could see the board so when it got to 35 she simply scribbled on a piece of paper under her hand. When I told her it was 35 she turned white-hot and said we’re not playing anymore and we never played again.

16 . When I was only four years old I became afflicted with night horrors; the full on, wake up soaking the bed with perspire and bellowing category. It resumed every night for years. I noticed quickly that it espoused a motif. I would be doing ordinary events with my family, if I searched away or blinked, they’d disappear, I would discover heavy footfalls coming closer, and lastly I “wouldve been” chased by what I “ve called the” ” ghost “. Not very original but I was young.

Like I said, these continued for years, but I started to notice interesting thing as well. When laying down to sleep, I would sounds happenings moving in the area, but when I would look no one was there. It obstructed escalating. I would sounds heavy breathing in my ear and even felt the excitement of the sigh. I would turn and there was nothing. Soon I would wake up from my darknes terrors and my blanket “wouldve been” neatly folded back over my accomplishment. I would ask my parents and brother if they did it, but they all disclaimed it was them. One nighttime I determined a person saunter by my opening. It had the body of a human rights and the head of a puppy. The event was, it was so dark in my room I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. It was something darker than black.

It all finished one darknes while I again laid there, waiting to sleep. I felt something coldnes and hard clutch my ankles and dragged me off of the hoof of my bunked. My parent, stereotypically said I was imagining it all. But I was mad. This event had the balls to come into MY world and try to scare me? I was 14, hopped up on puberty and ready to kick some ass. I had my night terror like ordinary, except this time instead of running, I turned around. I saw this weird little alien occasion like a cross between the foreigners from “Signs” and the typical gray-men. It appeared appalled, and I channeled all my anger at something that was worthy of a man’s full wrath. I drummed the shit out of that event. I symbolize, it was a bloody, pulpy, pile of intestines when I was done.

I never had another night terror, or call from that concept. I’ve also been able to lucid dream from that level on. I also have reveries of the future. Usually a scene that means nothing, but happens around a life-changing event for me.

This is all genuine though I don’t know the meaning or effect of it. Maybe someone can explain it, but I’m 28 now and still have no more clue to what happened.

17 . This actually happened today. I got home from task and was cleaning up my siblings dolls. He has this fairly large-hearted Spiderman building( like a dollhouse but for Spiderman) that was toppled over in the front room. I filched that back up and pate off to the kitchen for some food. I hear something fall over and look to see that his toy is again toppled over. Weird I anticipated good-for-nothing of it, maybe I define it down on some other toy so it wasn’t offset right. I pick it up again and realized sure nothing was under it. A couple hours later I am sitting down watching TV when I check clear as daytime this toy fall over again knowing damn well that I became sure it was balanced upright. I noped right upstairs until someone came home.

It’s 2:50 AM now and I cant sleep because I repute I remain listening stuff.

18 . Back when I was a little girl, I had a scooter( non-motorized) that I would travel until the tires popped … and preserved razzing once Dad changes the tires. One daytime I was razzing around in the neighborhood cul-de-sac when I insure a shining, thin blue route appear in front of me. I travel through it since I had no time to stop. When I was able to stop and turn around, the lamp was gone. I “ve no idea” what that light-headed was and I have never been able to find out, but I know it was there and I journey through it.

19 . When my brother and I were really young, probably around 6-7, we lived in a small 2 berthed and 1 soak apartment. One darknes, “its just” me and brother sleeping in the bedroom( my parents slept with us on another berthed) and “weve heard” a thud in the bathroom. We were both awake so we decided to investigate. The brightness is currently in and I listen clipping resonates from a scissor. I made my ear up to the door and sure enough someone was in the lavatory use scissors. I knocked on the door and announced out for my parents but there were no answers. I opened the door and the bathroom was empty. My parents must’ve been in the other room, but I always wondered why the lavatory lamps were on and what I heard. I turn out the flares and my brother and I ranged back to our beds, spooked af.

20 . This image is burned in my retention, I’m still not sure if it was a really wild dream, sleepwalking or it actually happened.

So when i was about 7 or 8, I had a really weird dream where I went outside at night and there were these children in the backyard. It was a summer night and there was a breeze blowing. I clearly remember the heated gust and the grass on my ankles. These teenagers, I speculate a boy and a girl, wanted to play and I never thought of it because I was a little girl very and how cool was it to play at night. There was something off about them, they had grayish colored surface and light whisker although still human examining. We played around on the fluctuate placed until I gazed up in the sky and I see this eye. Basically a monstrous normal human eye that was a green color and looked like it was just projected on the sky. It blinks formerly, and when I appeared down again, the girls were gone.

The next day, my mom blasphemes that either my sister( who had a history of sleepwalking) or me, came into the house after she got home from work late at night.

21 . When I was 11 perhaps 12, I was inside our house’s” bonus chamber”, basically exactly an extra large room we used to set all of our gaming substance and a couch and Tv. I was alone and was sitting or standing next to my lounge when suddenly as if it were really happening right in-front of me I both receive and hear chanting and thumping containers as though a campfire with a Native American tribe was inside the room with me. The synopsis of parties dancing and chanting around a shoot and vanquishing containers while inventing around the whole ceiling, it felt like it lasted maybe 20 seconds. I had never been so awestruck and frightened in my life i felt perfectly chilled. I exclusively ever had supernatural event maybe once before this and could have otherwise been distrustful, but after that I can’t disbelieve it. I later found out our place is dependent upon or near Native-American burial grounds.

22 . Okay, so precisely a heads up, the first narrative was told to me by category that was around for it, the second largest I recollect vividly.

When I was young( like 2-3) my mother was walking me down the hallway to take a nap in her boyfriend’s house. I stopped and informed her” I can’t go there “. When she wants to know why not I told her” Cause Baba and Tim are sleeping there “. We all later found out that her lover “ve killed” his parents in the hallway; Barbra and Tim.

When I was in second grade, I was likewise going to after school care at a church across the street. Every Friday, the ice cream man would come by. One day I was standing by the fence waiting for the ice cream man, when a soldier stepped up. Well, he was more a darknes than a husband, in a trenchcoat and fedora hat.( Picture film noir private eye style) I just stood there looking at him and he kinda curved me over toward him and I sauntered over, about the time I got over a kickball kicked by a big fifth grader punch the fencing about front stage. I turned around to see who knocked it, and when I turn around, the shadow guy winked and disappeared. I recollect I assemble my guardian angel.

23 . I interpreted various ufos in one night. It was definitely not only helicopters or aircrafts or idols. These concepts moved like nothing else. Triangular blueprints and near instantaneous hops from one point to another.

It all started when my brother considered a” green ball of fire” falling out of the sky. We get seeming and experienced a lot. The occasion that reassured me was when I met a … spaceship merely blink into existence right in front of me and tilt while flying away. It was pretty damn low. Fifty to seventy hoof above a row of rooms. Wholly silent. No jazz coming off of it. The other carries fell into a large triangle behind it. It disappeared again. I construed a pitch-black helicopter following its course, but we were on foot and couldn’t keep up.

24 . In November of 2011, my mother had her second major stroking and had to be put into long term care, because we just couldn’t sacrifice her what she genuinely needed. My husband and I has just recently moved out of state to his first armed obligation station. Luckily, it was only a 5 hour drive and we were able to spend Thanksgiving with my papa that year.

The house I grew up in had always been creepy. Over the years, we heard footsteps upstairs when we were all downstairs, we identified darkness. Doppelgangers and occasions that precisely shouldn’t have been there. I disliked leaving my father alone there, as he was ill( at that point, we didn’t know it was cancer, precisely that he was slowing down ). We persuaded him to come live with us, but couldn’t bring him right away, because he had to sort through 30 years of growth and we were living in a one bedroom live. We realise plans to come back and producing him residence with us around the first of the year-6 weeks later.

My dad hated talking on the telephone. He grew up before parties genuinely even had landlines and only never really liked phones. After we got home, he called me every single day. I knew something was up, because this is the man who would cuss out his cell phone until it stopped reverberating. He wouldn’t develop, he would just admit the house was going weird.

My husband was finally conceded a few extra eras leave after New Years, and we went to see get my dad. The 2 nights we spent in that house are something I’ll never forget.

I frankly think whatever was in that house was pee-pee we were all moving out for good. Occasions would move on us, or be in a different box than “were having” parcelled it in. We were listening strange strikes on the walls and faint voices in rooms nothing was in.

We only slept there 2 darkness. The first night, my husband and I were trying to go to sleep and we started hearing stomping upstairs. The attic was huge and had previously been my chamber as a teenager, it has hardwood floors and had wooden enclosed steps. We both realized we never heard my daddy go upstairs and were trying to figure out why he’d be up there in the middle of the night when we had decided to get his stuff up there in the daylight the next day. I went up and went out to the living room and he was sitting on the couch. He asked me if the stomping had woken us up too? My husband joined us in the front room, and we all sat and talked for the next few hours.

In that time, my daddy lastly told me the footsteps had become a nightly thing. It sounded like something furiously pacing backward and forward where my bed used to be up there. It started the darknes he had started packing boxes and had spoken to me on the telephone about the year we were coming to get him. He had started investigating the darkness darting in and out the back door again, very. This is something we hadn’t seen in at least 15 times. The doorknobs started jiggling again. My dad and I were both night owls, and we would sit up late telling phantom stories and talk about and this would happen often. We’d only be able to speak away, and all of a sudden the doorknob would start shaking. We would discover, and see it happen. At first, my papa would grab the machete he kept under the couch and a flashlight and walk around the outside of the house and never find anything. After a while, we just ignored it.

After a while, we went back to bed and laid there just listening to the frenzied pacing until we passed away. It happened the next night too. It was so surreal. I still ask my husband if it really happened and he ever kinda chuckles and reminds me that we scarcely slept and is very much exhausted when we got to our brand-new house that we were all in zombie mode off-load the truck.

My dad passed away 6 months later. He was so glad to be out of that damned live. I was just happy he didn’t die alone there. My husband and I recently gotta go back to the city I grew up in. Right after we got back, he insisted we drive by that residence. I had the worst feeling of dread over seeing that house again. The brand-new owneds changed a lot about the ground and exterior. I would love to know if they’ve had suffers like we did, but there’s nothing anyone could say to get me back in that house to ask them!

25 . This is not my first hand know-how but it has come to my mom when she was 10 years old.

It happened in 1980′ s India, in which, The bathrooms weren’t attached to the bedroom or the house, But you’d have to walk into your backyard where the bathrooms are erected as a separate building instead of an attached lavatory. So, one chilly December night, mummy went to take a leak in the bathroom, but since it was dark and she was scared to go walk till the end of the big-hearted backyard she asked her father to accompany her till the lavatory. My mom ran inside, finished her business and came out of the bathroom. Suddenly, she sees a Lady standing right next to her mother and was surprised that until now there was no one except her mother and this lady evidenced up. She assumed that the lady might be one of the farmers her father-god employed to work on his farm and she might have needed some coin. Mom then asks the maiden” hey, who are you? What are you doing here this late in the night? Dad’s not here, he’s out loping some errands, please come back tomorrow .”

Grandma turned sallow. My grandmother couldn’t see anyone standing beside her and my mom was clearly pointing right next to her. Grandma didn’t take any fortunes, she grabbed her daughter and hastened inside the house and questioned her daughter who has she realise and what did she looks a lot like, Mom described the girl as a stout and tall female wearing a red saree( usual Indian dress) and had a grey color necklace. Grandma herself was scared because she once read the same lady few years back in the backyard but never told anyone about it. Grandma started chanting holy mantras in Hinduism and waited until granddad arrived.

When grandpa heard the whole ordeal narrated by grandma, He devoted a gesture like he knew what or who it was based on the description hand. he calmly moved and grabbed a family album and demo it to grandma and mom and sure as hell that noblewoman was my mom’s grandmother and she died way before grandma and grandpa is married. He said he himself looked her few meters in the backyard and re assured mama and grandma that nothing is going to harm them. He said that his mother adored sitting in the same backyard during chilly winter nighttimes and that she adoration this house to death.

The word has it that, in the ancestral home, her spirit still ambles in the winter and the neighbors insist that they accompanied her several times in the backyard simply sitting and staring at the sky.

26 . A couple of years ago, I was at home with my family. My house was fairly small so noise walked well throughout the structure. I cant recollect the exact time but if my remembering acts me rectify, it was around 10 pm. The sound system in my brothers room get full volume without anyone even are currently in the area. The music was at its loudest and clearly startled the whole family, before we ran into the room and swopped it off.

This is where it gets strange. The same night after the sound system virtually blew the speakers on its own. We later learn the ocean running in the kitchen drop. We went to investigate and one of the taps was on full flowing. Again, it was very strange as one would physically have to turn the tap to open the valve. As cliche as this may sound, it was very cold when I went into the kitchen to investigate the kitchen phenomenon. The detail of the matter is that both of these events happened in the same night and clearly spoked the family a little.

27 . A lot of vacated superhighways where I grew up, it was a small town where a lot of people started improving before the economy went to shit in 2007 thus leaving a knot of abandoned half erected houses and empty half construct roads leading to dead ends. It was the perfect lieu to drive to when I first got my license to go smoke some gras with chums. We is now in my vehicle hanging out in an vacated road when my automobile shut off, turning the brightness off wholly. We were in pitch darkness. I held my breath and hoped the car hadn’t died on me and turned the key, the car started right up and twinkled the light-headeds on to the dead end ahead. A husband in dressed in a very old school suit and top hat was stand there with a briefcase. We were in the middle of no where , no houses or anything for miles. It was 6 of us stuffed in this car. We all divine him. We all bellowed, I never applied a gondola in reverse so fast. By the time I adjusted myself to back out he was gone.

28 . My acquaintance and I went out star gazing one night, it was a clear night and the moon was full and actually shining. We were looking towards the moon and then right beside the moon these three brightness seemed out of nowhere, modelling an upside down triangle. They were just as bright or somewhat brighter than the moon. The top two flares faded off fairly quickly and the bottom lamp faded shortly after while moving up in a squiggly line. This whole sighting lasted about 15 seconds.

If my friend wasn’t there I “wouldve been” questioning what the heck that was( still am of course ), but seeing as he was there we both know what the fuck we determined. Unreal…

29 . My sidekick was in research hospitals for a surgery for her legs, and I went up there with a few friends to visit her, obstruct her company.

While all of us were in there, her momma, and our two other friends, only sitting around talking, this rocking chair merely starts moving. It’s right by your best friend in the hospital berthed, merely rocking as steadily as can be.

I was freaked the fuck out. I stopped it, placed my hand on it, and it started again. It wasn’t rocking hard-handed, exactly slowly like someone was sitting in it. I checked all around it and there were no strings, there was no draft , no one was touching it even the slightest. There was no possible rationalization for it to be moving.

My friend’s mom thought it was her father coming to see her daughter in research hospitals. She was not freaked out in the slightest, didn’t even question it.

I still think about it all the time.

30 . When I was a kid I went on a family trip to see the beaches where the allies territory at as me and my father were both interested. We visited a bunker but before we proceeded in I told my pa we couldn’t go in yet as their was someone already in there speaking. My dad neglected me and we walk in to find it completely empty, a few years later he found a video that territory people would often hear German soldiers in the same bunker.

31 . Lived in a smaller apartment complex for a while and the place had some spooky vibes but nothing big. Then I started to get inconvenienced at night while trying to sleep in my bedroom. I would get the strange sensation that something was right behind me. You know the feeling where your hair stands up and you get kind of fuzzy? That would happen every night. So for about about two months I slept on my lounge because I would consistently have that feeling.

Then I begin to date this girl. We go out boozing one night and I creating her back to my plaza. We walk in and I flip on the light-footed and she ices. I see a panicked look in her seeings. She is almost in tears and looking in the reces of the chamber she says” There’s a beast right there .” I was dazed. I didn’t tell anyone about the experiences or me sleeping on the couch before then. We immediately left and went to her region. She and a friend later that week did some sort of Indian cleansing thingy in my suite and I never had another bad feeling since.

Usually not a superstitious guy but that whole meeting certainly protrudes with me.

32 . I merely recalled a memory from when I was younger, that I haven’t was just thinking about in a very long time.

I was at a friend’s house, sitting in his plot around a counter that the family had on their porch.

I was facing towards the house, whilst my friend and his father were faced towards me and away from it.

In an occasion which couldn’t have lasted more than a couple of seconds, a jet black silhouette in a person shape appeared on the house wall standing with their limbs out and legs shoulder-width apart.

It appeared to side-step across the wall before disappearing and I was the only witness. Noone else was stood nearby to cast a shadow.

33. When I was a child I was playing at a local playground. I jump-start off the waver and territory in the woodchips. There was one woodchip swim like 30 cm above the dirt. I even gave my hand under the chip and it stayed in the air. I wanted to show it to your best friend but when we got back it was gone.


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