2. My sea ended at my husband’s funeral

Today, my water broke at my husband’s funeral.

3. Is it truly my time to die?

Today, I’m a neurosurgery nominee, going for the purposes of the bayonet in 2 days. Last month I was a health 24 -year-old female player. Today, signed a DNR, just in case I come out as a vegetable. Today, I had to make a living will. Is it really my season? In 48 hoursIll find out.

4. Contemplating suicide is a luxury

Today, it is ironic that on the same day I am contemplating suicide, my brother memorizes he has a tumor on his pancreas.

5. We should have told her how we felt

Today, I realized that if we all had told her how we detected BEFORE the funeral instead of AT the funeral, it’s possible there wouldn’t BE a funeral.

6.The happiest daughter in the bureau simply killed herself

Today, a girl who I ensure everyday at work, who’s always the most chipper person in the place, committed suicide.

7.My dog licked the snaps off my appearance as he died

Today, after I watched my bird-dog get run over by a gondola, I sat on the side of the road bracing him and screaming. And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.

8.If you’re going to complain about the red lights, celebrate the light-green ones

Today, while I was driving my grandpa to his doctor’s appointment, I complained about making 2 red lights in a row. My grandfather chuckled and said,’ You always complain about the red lights, but you never celebrate the green ones.’

9. I love theUSA!

Today in downtown San Diego, I watched a blue-collar Mexican man get provoked for being Mexican. It was a blatant act of discrimination. And “the mens” actually began exclaiming. As he left the place build, he took off his casing. His T-shirt underneath read,’ I adore the USA !’

10.We’re all pretenders

Today, I interviewed a woman who is terminally ill.’ So ,’ I tried to finely ask,’ What is it like to wake up each morning and know that you are dying ?” Well ,’ she responded,’ What is it was ready to wake up every morning and claim that you are not ?’

11.How I matched my husband

Today, its been exactly 25 times since my husband gambled his life and carried his female neighbor out of a college apartment complex as it burned to the dirt. And thats how I gratified my husband.

12.We can share it

Today, I was traveling in Kenya and I met a refugee from Zimbabwe. He said he hadn’t eaten anything in over 3 daytimes and examined highly skinny and unhealthy. Then my friend offered him the rest of the sandwich he was dining. The first thing the man said was,’ We can share it.’

13. An old woman with a can helping a young man with a wheelchair

Today, as I was waiting at a red light I construed an old woman with a cane helping a young man in a wheelchair cross a street that was riddled with potholes from road construction.

14.Because they cherish each other

Today, I was working in a coffee shop when 2 gay males walked in regarding mitts. As you might expect, headings started returning. Then a young girl at the counter next to me asked her mom why 2 humen were nursing mitts. Her mama responded,’ Since they are cherish each other.’

15. I’ve been waiting ten years for her to say it

Today, when I questioned her,’ What are you thinking about ?’ she said,’ You !’ I’ve been waiting to hear her say that for nearly 10 years now.

16. Sometimes assholes win

Today, I was ogle through the Facebook remembrance groups of two people that died as a result of my high school. The girl was sugary, smart, quiet and unpopular. She was killed by a drunk move. The person was indelicate, rude and popular. He was the wino move. His radical has 602 members. Hers has 48.

17. It’s hard out here when you aren’t dealing drugs

Today, I encountered someone who is reaching $30,000 a few months selling drugs. I make less than that in a year at my legal job.

18. Imet the desire of my life when some jackass stole my purse

Today, Sean asked me to marry him. I said yes! Precisely 1 year ago today, I was marching to my vehicle when a guy moved up behind me and stole my pocketbook. I announced 911. Sean was the cop that responded to my ask. If that jackass never embezzled my pocketbook, I would have never satisfied the passion of my life.

19.He announced me four minutes before killing himself

Today, one of our friend, Charlie, film himself in the manager at nearly 2PM. And I merely “ve noticed that” I have a missed entitle from him on my cell phone with a timestamp of 1:56 PM.

20. It’s great to be a Good Samaritan

Today, I was driving to a job interview when I appreciated a businesswoman digesting next to her BMW on the side of the road. She had a flat tire. I plucked over and facilitated her put on the save. When I arrived to the interview, the status of women who I facilitated pointed up being the Ceo of the company. I got the job.

21. A $90 tip on a $10 tab

Today, I waited on an elderly dame at the neighbourhood restaurant where I act. She left me a $90 tip-off on a $10 invoice with a handwritten note that said,’ I’m 86 and I can’t take this money with me. So please spoil yourself with it.’

22.All he requires is to be happy

Today, I asked my 6-year-old son what he wants to be where reference is grows up. He said,’ Mommy, all I want to be is happy.’

23. Hugged by a woman I saved

Today, after a 72 -hour shift at the fire station, a woman extended up to me at the grocery store and gave me a hug. When I tensed up, she realized I didnt well recognized. She let go with rips of rapture in her gazes and the most sincere smile and said,’ On 9-11-2001, you carried me out of the World Trade Center.’

24.Fought in Iraq, killed by a drink driver

Today, my cousin succumbed. He has been a Marine for 6 years. He fought for home countries overseas on 3 separate tours in Iraq. He came home on leave 2 weeks ago and was killed by a drink driver.

25. Just go for it and give it a try

Today, my father was just telling me,’ Just go for it and give it a try! You don’t have to be a professional to build a successful make. Amateurs started Google and Apple. Professionals constructed the Titanic.’

26. Abowl of cherries

Today, as soon as my 5-year-old child brother came into my chamber, I screeched at him to get out without even examining up at him. When he didn’t listen and I turned around to wail again, I noticed he had a container of cherry-reds( my favorite) in his hands. He said,’ Sorry, I just wanted to share these with you.’

27. My free milkshake

Today, I returned home after being stationed in Iraq for 9 months. While I was still in garb, I went into an ice cream shop near international airports to get a milkshake. The daughter behind the counter handed me my shake and said,’ Its on me.”Thanks, you didnt have to do that ,’ I said.’ Neither did you ,’ she replied.

28. Ireminded them of their granddaughter

Today at the diner where I act, an older couple came in for the 4th age the coming week and solicited my counter. I asked them what preserved them coming back here. They told me that I prompted them of their granddaughter who passed away 6 years ago. Then they told me her identify. She was my best friend at the time.

29. The kindness of strangers

Today I was approached by a homeless soul who asked if I had any change. I only had two dimes, but I gave it to him anyway. As I watched him walk away, he gave the dimes in an expired parking meter of a stranger’s car.

30. Gay rights are civil rights

Today, I met a cute grey guy at a local rail. In exchange he mentioned that he carries same-sex matrimonies. I politely asked him if he was gay. He laughter and said,’ My mom supported the Civil Rights Movement. Do I look black to you ?’

31. She had no idea what to do

Today an old woman at the gas station came up to me and said,’ I’m so embarrassed, but could you facilitate me ?’ I guessed she was going to ask for coin, but she told me that last week her husband succumbed and she had never gushed gas before. She had no idea what to do.

32. Ethnic profiling is fucked

Today, I was randomly plucked over by a polouse for the 2nd era since I bought my new pimped-out Chrysler 300. It’s got 20 inch rims, pitch-black glass, etc. Both occasions, a white cop came up to my opening and said something like,’ Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else .’ and drove away. Im white.

33.Sometimes the nerdy boy is best

Today, I got into a big fighting against my boyfriend. Angry, I got on FB seeking some consolation. My friends all indicated that they are busy. Sad, I clicked on the last person on my directory, a nerdy son who my friends pick on all the time. He listened to me for 3 hours directly, and said happens that left me speechless.

34. Moms should say ” I love you” back to their kids

Today, at work, a woman and her young daughter came to my registry. The daughter was hugging her mother’s leg and being very well behaved. She retained saying,’ I love you mommy.’ Suddenly, her mommy yanked her leg and said,’ Get off !’ The young girl trod 15 feet behind her father the whole way to their car.

35. How to make a cashier smile

Today, I was in line at the store behind a gentleman harbouring a dozen heightens. When he got up to the cashier’s bar, he realized that the teller searched sad. The being smiled and said,’ I’m buying 11 of these develops for my wife .’ And then he handed the cashier the 12 th rose. She smiled from ear to ear.

36. Ihated him…before he saved my son’s life

Today, after expending the last three years viciously bickering with the college teenager who lives next door, I procured myself exclaiming in his arms and thanking him repeatedly for saving my son’s life.

37. When it’s OK to let your children go nuts

Today, at the study stop near research hospitals a man and his 3 girls got to get. The girls were raucous and out of self-restraint. An pestered fare asked,’ Is there a intellect youre letting your children go nuts ?’ The soul rustled and said,’ The doc just told me their father isnt going to make it. Sorry, Im just trying to think before I tell them.’

38. Ihired a homeless man

Today, a boy came in to utilize at my restaurant. He seemed charismatic, category, knowledgeable, and friendly. Afterwards, when I went to call him to extend a profession furnish, I saw “hes having” written’ ask for me’ under his count. The figure belongs to a homeless shelter. But Im gonna take a risk and hire him anyways.

39. Food postages in a Louis Vuitton purse

Today, I examined a well-groomed woman at the convenience store push food stamps out of her Louis Vuitton purse while employing her forge, salon-styled nails to text on her BlackBerry.

40. He wishes he had given her heydays when she was alive

Today, like every day for the last 4 years, my father picked a fresh bloom from his garden and took it to my mother. This time I decided to go with him to recognize her. And as he situated the flower on her mausoleum, he said,’ I precisely please I had picked her a fresh bud every day when she was alive.’

41. Waste not, require not

Today, after gobbling lunch, I went out of a restaurant carrying a chest of leftovers. A homeless mortal came up to me and asked if he could have some of the meat. I dismissed him and stopped strolling. Two minutes later, I tripped over a restrain and spilled the leftovers all over the sidewalk.

42. The prudence of a beach bum

Today, I was going along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach when I determined 4 adolescents pestering a homeless beach stinker. He tittered and said,’ I’m not crazy!’ Crazy’ is spending 40 years of your life detesting 40 hours a week.’

43. Ikissed a girl for the first timeand I’m a girl

Today, I caressed a girl for the first time. I am a girl and it detected right.

44. This country is upside-down

Today, I read about Obama protestors parading down public streets carrying loaded firearms. These protestors were not apprehended. But gay and lesbian protestors elsewhere in this country have been provoked and arrested for plainly impounding handwritings and marching in solidarity.

45. How to be friends after a divorce

Today, I was sitting on a hotel balcony watching 2 fans in the distance march along the beach. From their body language, I could tell they were chortling and experiencing each other’s firm. As they went closer, I recognized they were my parents. My parents virtually got divorced 8 years ago.

46. She wished they believed her

Today, a 16 -year-old girl I know hanged herself. She did so after telling her mama that she had gotten wino at “states parties ” last-place nighttime and was crimes by a stranger. She left a note that said,’ I wish you believed me.’

47. Her lipstick was still on my cheek

Today, my bride kissed me goodbye, went in her vehicle, gate-crashed, and passed away. When the coroner called me at 9AM, I burst into snaps and ran into the restroom at work to wash off my face. When I gazed in the mirror, I noticed that my spouse lipstick was still on my cheek.

48. The discrepancies between book smarts and business smarts

Today, two daughters who struggled to get C’s in grade school owns a multi-million dollar cosmetics company. My daughter who was in the gifted program in grade school is gladly applied as a kindergarten teacher realizing $35 K a year.

49. He had never been ice-skating

Today, I proceeded ice-skating. Everyone skating was young, except one guy in his mid-5 0s. He saved falling down and smiling. And all the girls deterred chortling together with him. I asked him why he decided to skate today. He said,’ I was at work more quickly and realized I had never been ice-skating. So here I am.’

50. My kindness was repaid

Today, the homeless shelter that I volunteered at as a teenager is helping me get back on my feet.

51. If you chase your fantasies, sometimes you’ll find them

Today, my 21 -year-old son’s alternative rock band received a record deal from a major enter name. I wasted the last 5 years trying to convince him that college was the smarter style to go. But he accepted his sand and prosecuted his nightmare. And now he’s living it.

52. Someone paid my meter for me

Today, I put two hours merit of coppers into a Chicago street parking meter on my room into a business fulfill. The find lasted roughly 4 hours. I expected to see a $120 parking ticket on my vehicle when I returned, but instead the meter spoke’ 27 hours abiding .’ Someone paid my meter for me.

53. Scary-looking person helps my elderly neighbor

Today, I ensure a pretty scary looking person who had a tall off-color Mohawk and tattoos and impales all over his form. He was helping my elderly neighbour take her scum down to the curbing. My neighbour told me subsequentlies that the guy was precisely amble by and offered to help.

54. Kindness is sometimes repaid

Today, I determined a wallet on the street. It was carried with credit card and $300 in money. I took out the driver’s license, employed the guy’s address into my GPS, and drove it to him, money and all. He couldn’t believe it.’ You saved me so much better agony !’ he uttered as he sided me $300 in cash.

55. Counseling agony victims was not part of my job description

Today my obediences as a high school teacher involved impounding multiple of my sobbing students while they tried to deal with the consequences of the a terrifying car disintegrate that claimed the well-being of 2 classmates and 3 other students. Trying to conduct any semblance of class while looking at their crying faces was not in the job description. The little girl tears staining my pallid pink occupation blouse separated my heart.


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