Lets face it: No one certainly knows who they are in high school. While looked at the different masks you tried on as a girl can be embarrassing, its gotta be somewhat comforting to know that we all went through it. Here are a few identities that everyone tries out in high school.

1. The minor who drags a dead pelican around on a leash

Oh, son, we all went through this chapter. You get to high school a ordinary, average adolescent, and then suddenly youre the girl whos dragging a large dead pelican around campus on a metal leash, inserting it as your brand-new baby, and forever substance its legislation with herring you keep in your backpack. Of track, it seems lame now, but what high schooler could possibly resists the pelican? It smells so bad but examines so damn cool.

2. The child who boozes from a water fountain 10 hours a day

Sure, youre probably not proud of it, but at some extent you emphatically were the minor who stuck their cheeks to a nozzle and sucked down cold, crisp H2O from morning till nighttime. Whatever, you were young!

3. The sensitive astronaut

Brushing your bashes aside beneath your pressurized polycarbonate helmet in order to be allowed to examine deep into a girls eyes and keep telling her shes more breathtaking than any star cluster youve ever seen? Smooth. Having your facemask pop open when youre trying to caressed her and then wriggling in affliction as youre exposed to the unfriendly oxygen levels of the terrestrial atmosphere? Not so smooth.

4. The parents-drowned-in-soda kid

At one point or another, weve all experimented with being the various kinds of person whose parents drowned in a big cooler of soda. On the plus line-up, everyone thinks youre extremely cool because your parents patently had access to a lot of soda, which is awesome, but you too have to deal with everyone constantly asking you what kind of soda your mothers drowned in and whether they could suck some of the soda.

5. The slut from the deep

Lets not profess you didnt follow through this period. High school is that tumultuous span when youre firstly discovering your sexuality and likewise spending a lot of epoch lurking menacingly in the darkest chasm of the ocean, slurping the blood of prehistoric isopods and scavenging whale bodies for existence. Its okay; it happens to everyone!

6. The punk underneath things

It might be flustering be acknowledged, but weve all consume some time being the various kinds of person or persons crawls underneath things and whisperings, Now I am a punk. Whether it was bus, counters, vehicles, other parties, or even sand, there was a date in “peoples lives” when we wouldnt are hesitant to crawl underneath things and say, Now I am a punk.

7. The kid who died in a DUI

You croak ONE TIME in a fiery, alcohol-induced vehicle disintegrate and all of a sudden youre the dead kid from the DUI forever. Ugh, so high school.


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