Image copyright PA Image caption Michael “Kit” Carson died in a car clang on the first day of his tribulation

A football coach killed in a vehicle gate-crash on the first day of his fornication mistreat test induced boys “fight naked” in initiation research, one of his accusers has said.

Michael “Kit” Carson, 75, who denied mistreating boys over a reporting period 30 years, died when his automobile reached a tree in Cambridgeshire.

Former trainee Miles Smith told the BBC Mr Carson would take showers with boys and watch as they rubbed themselves.

Mr Carson’s barrister said his client had prepared a “robust defence”.

The coach had worked in a number of boy progress characters at Peterborough United, Cambridge United and Norwich City football clubs.


Mr Smith, a prosecution witness who has waived his right to obscurity, was coached by Mr Carson after joining Cambridge United in 2001, aged 11, on a youth scholarship.

He said sons were made to run in the snow fully naked, and told it was to “toughen us up” and “make us men”.

On other parties, Mr Smith said, trainees would be made to fight naked for the purposes of the semblance of an initiation test.

“It was all to build reference, but it ever felt really awkward, ” he said.

Image caption Miles Smith has waived his anonymity to narrate his experiences under Kit Carson

In a BBC interview recorded shortly afterwards Mr Carson’s detention in January 2017, Mr Smith claimed the tutor would get in the showers with the children and “would never explain why”.

“Afterwards again he would represent us rub ourselves – it is possible to take up to an hour, is in accordance with the changing room with him, naked, showering and massaging ourselves, ” he said.

Mr Carson, of Riverside, Cambridge, was arrested in January 2017 as part of an investigation into allegations of child sex abuse in football in Cambridgeshire.

The former coach-and-four and scout had pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing to 12 weighs of indecent assault and one of inciting small children to get involved in sexual activity.

Cambridgeshire Police said the allegations involved 11 male casualties, all under 16, between 1978 and 2009.

“Looking back at it now I care person did elevate the issue, ” Mr Smith said, “I can see how wrong it is but at the time we all just thought it was natural. We never genuinely reported it to our parents.”

“Back in the teenager team days I construed actors drop out after these tournaments. It killed their football because of this one man.”

Image copyright Kit Carson Image caption Michael “Kit” Carson ran as a coach and scout for a number of guilds

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the fatal crash, which took place on a straight slouse of the A1303 between Cambridge and Newmarket at 09:45 GMT on Monday.

The trial was formally finished when bulletin of Mr Carson’s extinction was relayed to Peterborough Crown Court on Tuesday.

Mark McDonald QC, apology barrister, said his client was “strident and robust in his opposition to the allegations”, and his account of happens “stood up to scrutiny”.

Mr Carson’s fatality is being treated as non-suspicious, a thrust spokesperson said.

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