Hot coffee has landed one airline in hot water .
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Serving hot boozes on an aircraft can be a risky struggle. In information, one hot beaker of joe has determined Virgin Australia burned by a lawsuit.

Rhett Butler, 16, is suing the airline after receiving “burns, cysts and scarring to his thighs, groin, genitals and midriff, ” after a beaker of coffee territory on him during a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney in May 2015, according to an AAP is present in The Guardian. Youch.

The incident happened shortly after take off. Rhett’s father, Brian Butler, provided medical help in all areas of the flight as it’s claimed crew did nothing to help.

It’s also alleged that the tray table was defective, tipped downwards and needing a recess for the coffee cup to sit in.

“It was excruciating and perhaps the most difficult pain I have ever felt, ” Rhett Butler said in a statement issued by Shine Lawyers via email. “It touched my gut, my groin and my legs. I passed to the bathroom and Dad immediately started putting cold water on the burns.”

Rhett Butler being treated by paramedics.


In a statement from the family’s representative supplied to Metro , Thomas Janson of Shine Lawyers, said “Mr Butler said he used his own garmenting because there were only two bandages and two ice packs on the flight. Burnt and humbled, a young Butler travelled to and from his tush to the lavatories to dress his wounds.

“The young man reports that those weaves took three months to mend, with the emotional scarring going well beyond the burns.”

A Virgin Australia spokesperson proved the incident with AAP.

“Virgin Australia takes security and convenience of our fares extremely seriously, nonetheless established this specific topic has not been able to been resolved it has not been able to be appropriate to comment any further, ” they said.

Virgin Australia ought to have contacted for comment.

Inform: Nov. 22, 2016, 1:26 p.m. AEDT Added a statement issued by Rhett Butler.


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