Driving North from Las Vegas we experience the "Location 51 Circle" as I call it … way out in the Nevada Desert. A vast location of strange UFO sightings, Army bases, odd quirky communities, abandoned automobiles as well as trucks and all manner of weirdness! Entirely remarkable! Among the very first funky towns we struck along the course is Beatty, Nevada. Getting in Beatty southern is an unique experience. You drive for a hundred miles out of Las vega and also see nearly only desert … after that you come across just what appears like an irreversible Flea Market. A mile long line of folks in tents, trailers and also ancient structures selling roadside prizes. It's a 7 day a week point … as well as it's very interesting! This is the south entryway to Beatty! A very old town from the very early days of the West … Beatty has a great deal of amazing heritage buildings as well as it's likewise the "gateway to Fatality Valley". We decided to shoot a video us owning via the town one current trip. Hope you enjoy the flight along with us! ~ Kenneth.


  1. Our latest “strange town in the Nevada Desert” video! Perhaps not as creepy
    and spooky as some other towns featured on our channel….and not nearly as
    odd as it was 25 years ago…but still plenty strange….especially at
    night! And…when compared to the perfectly manicured resort area where we
    live….oh ya…it’s still mighty spooky! ~Kenneth #spookytown #nevadadesert

    • DKT&A: I need to ask you a question, if that’s o.k. PLEASE! I noticed you mentioned that you have been traveling the desert for 25 years. Two years ago I made a trip across the Desert. I found a road that goes into what appears to be a monolith type volcano. As you enter this structure you are guided in by a wall on the right, the road turns to the left at 90 degrees. As you follow the road one might think that it is going to dead end, like an alcove. The walls are a red rock. The rock looks very much like the basalt at Giants Causeway in Ireland. It has long slender shards of red rock that has flaked off into small pieces, covering the entire floor. The entire floor is about 2 football fields in size. The road enters to the left, makes a large curve to the right, it dips down a bit, then rises up as the road goes through what appears to be a arc, its almost a natural arch, cause the doorway is very high. Please If know where this place is I would very much like to see it again. I took a strange path in case you are wondering, down a very old chat road. Mojave Death Valley and Monument Valley. Thanks romankorvinus@yahoo.com

  2. I am in rural Northumberland in England so I will never see this side of
    the USA. Fascinated with Groom Lake and Area 51 but all you usually see is
    the same views and same signs. Good to see what is around the outside of
    the secured cordon.

    • +bruffmeister1
      I tried deleting his racist rant comment. I don’t see it here on my end.
      Hopefully it won’t show. I banned the fool from my channel. Take care.

    • +Desert King Travel & Adventure Nice one. I am sure people watch your
      uploads to see places they would not ordinarily see. Too many racist idiots
      on YT. I have blocked him as well.

    • +bruffmeister1
      Hello and thanks! Yes…I upload videos to share with folks who ordinarily
      wouldn’t get a chance to get to the desert and experience the mystery
      there. I get all kinds of rants and raves though…you just wouldn’t
      believe! Many people are not happy with themselves sadly. However…this is
      not the place for such rants. Hahaha…I just simply delete and block them
      and move on to my happy day! Take care and hope you get a chance to visit
      some day. ~Kenneth

    • +Desert King Travel & Adventure Would love to visit there someday. Always
      wanted to see the side of the USA that is never seen. Never fancied seeing
      Las Vegas but New Orleans certainly holds an attraction. Would love to go
      to the blues bar and soak up the atmosphere.

    • +bruffmeister1
      Well…I’m a Blues lover myself….so I certainly agree with your “Blues
      bar in New Orleans” choice! ~K

  3. That place has a Subway? Good grief, I can only imagine what types of
    visitors they get in there. Imagine a disguised alien going in there and
    saying ‘I want a ham and cheese footlong with extra green peppers and a
    chocolate chip cookie’. Seriously be careful who you serve to. Can aliens
    even eat our food?

    For all they know, they might get an alien’s order wrong and will end up
    getting shot at with a laser gun, but then again they’d be to civilized for
    that, aliens I mean. They’d probably be polite about it and overlook it
    since they know that they are superior and would forgive the blunderings of
    a lesser spieces then they. I say these things cause living next to a place
    like Area 51 would likely get bombarded by people from other planets. I’d
    hate to anger an alien by accident. 😉 

    • +Grant W. Whitwam That just doesn’t make sense with all the refugees and
      people who need a home. there are more people starving than you think.

    • +TestTest robots.txt Your idea of sending starving masses of people to a
      place that can barely support the existing population, where jobs are
      scarce, and water supplies are weak, seems… not just odd, but an
      extremely stupid idea.

  4. area 51 Infant goes through vegas all the way to henderson, alien sightings
    can be seen in vegas and henderson but it is not restricted because it is
    used for homes and businesses

  5. I really love towns like this, reminding so much of a climate back from
    golden fever or even all the way to civil war…. Everything looks like has
    stopped in time for ages without renovations…. Just like one of these
    cliche western movies way out from seventies… Or further back.

  6. There’s a lot of really quirky and sometimes creepy places in Nevada to
    explore. Well worth spending a little vacation time roaming around Nevada
    and not just around beatty

  7. Except for the brothels, I’ve passed through dozens of similar rural towns,
    everywhere in the U.S. Go to Mexico, same thing. Sorry folks, it just isn’t
    that strange, odd, or creepy, but nice try.

    • “Strange,” “odd,” and “creepy” are all subjective descriptions. So, perhaps
      these towns don’t seem that way to you, but to people who haven’t passed
      through towns like these those adjectives may well fit.

  8. @ 1:46 that is were the alien grey’s go to breed with the humans and
    continue their mass breeding program.

  9. I was ready for a real creep experience but I ended up of being amazed! 😀 A vehicle cemetery for you, anyways, if the people lived out there were just creative, maybe they could create something that was made of those vintage cars! 😀 http://www.wrightimport.com/


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