It’s been a rough fucking got a couple of daylights for me personally fans, because it’s merely been reported that star KJ Apa was in a late-night auto crash last week. KJ plays Archie Andrews, aka the only ginger you’d gladly has become a surface article for. broke the narrative that KJ was driving himself home–a 45 time commute–after a 16+ hour work day when he fell asleep at the pedal. Typical fucking Archie.

Here’s what we know: Initial reports claimed the crash happened sometime after midnight and KJ was taken to a local infirmary for observance before being discharged without any serious injuries. And like, THANK GOD for that. Can you imagine if his look had been damaged? Or those abs ?? I’m not saying this child doesn’t have geniu, because he perfectly does, but let’s just say acting and singing ain’t one of them.

Though Archie KJ came out of the accident unscathed, his automobile is apparently all sorts of fucking crazy. The fare slope was completely destroyed after affecting a light-footed spar. What’s more is that presumably KJ’s BFF and costar Cole Sprouse( Jughead Jones) had “planned to be in the car as well that night but changed proposals at the last minute.”


This shit just got room extremely real for me. I may need a moment to collect myself, my imagines, and try to come to periods with a nature that might have been hook of this perfect appearance 😛 TAGEND

K, moment’s over. The collision has caused literal rioting on the change of because they, like me, realize that is was only Archie’s car that got hurt. But what if next time it was Cheryl? Or Veronica? OR JUGHEAD? Nah, they can’t take that luck, they’ve got to start standing up for the duties and shit. Respect.

Apparently, the show routinely extends kills that last until the early morning hours, and the direct and crew are not afforded transportation to and from the fixed, which, like, wtf? What kind of shoddy organisation is The CW running over in Canada, that they can’t even get the stars of their own damn picture an Uber? You have enough production importance to pull off swerving an entire shed into redheads but you can’t get your performers a safe razz home?

After the storey cracked yesterday The CW liberated this statement last-place night regarding the accident, and “its by” FULL of tint 😛 TAGEND Wooowww. I have not seen that much passive-aggression since this morning, when my boss emailed me to “remind me” about our district gratify. But there’s more! The CW exhausted two seconds testimony, which is somehow even pettier 😛 TAGEND

Lol you know when a formal word basically begins with “first of all, bitch…”, this shit is about to get juicy AF.

Damn, they are only dragged the shit out of KJ Apa. Like, path to knock person when they’re down the idol of a highly publicized video show.

Honestly though, CW, you need to get your shit together and take care of those 20 year olds who are living better lives than me your performers, otherwise 😛 TAGEND

…and it will be in the form of a very nasty tweet from me. My fury are aware of bounds.

All I can say is, I’m v glad my favorite hot ginger is okay. Too, I feel I can speak for all of us when I say, thank god it was only Archie in the car. I legit cannot even consider the prospect of one mane on Cole Sprouse’s perfect thought being injured. Feel better, KJ!