Grandparents of Tiantian win long legal engagement for imprisonment of solidified embryos left by his mother and father

The son of a Chinese pair who died more than four years ago has been born to a surrogate mother, according to Chinese media.

Shen Jie and Liu Xi had been married for two years when they decided to try in vitro fertilization. Five epoches before they were scheduled to transplant one of the fertilized embryos into Liu, the couple died in a car accident in March 2013 in the Chinese coastal region of Jiangsu.

For the next three years, the parents of Shen and Liu fought for the rights to four solidified fetus left by their belatedly children in a complicated and unprecedented law occurrence in China, according to the Beijing News.

After several tribunal duels, the part of both parents eventually won detention of the embryos, and in January of 2017, with the aid of an subterranean surrogacy bureau, they drove to Laos to find a father. Surrogacy is illegal in China.

In December last year, Shen and Liu’s baby, a son, was born in a hospital in Guangzhou. Liu’s mother gave him the refer Tiantian, or “sweet”. Last-place month, their own families revelled Tiantian’s firstly 100 dates by viewing a small party.

Liu’s mother, Hu Xinxian, told Beijing News:” Tiantian’s gazes look like my daughter’s but overall, he examines more like “his fathers” .”

After the birth there have still been law complications. The new grandparents had to carry out DNA tests to prove their relationship to Tiantian and save custody.

The grandparents have not decided how to tell Tiantian about his background. Shen Xinan, Tiantian’s paternal granddad, told Beijing News that until Tiantian is older they will tell him his mothers are overseas.

” This boy is destined to be sad on his arrival into the world. Other babes have their papas and mothers, but he doesn’t. We will definitely tell him in the future. How can we not ?” Shen said.


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