Lets play a bit word association activity. When I reply Blac Chyna and gondola crash, whats the first thing that comes to knowledge? If you said her personal life youre not wrong, but this time there was an actual vehicle crash.

Heres what we know: a( perhaps drink) operator rear-ended Chynas Rolls Royce at about 2:30 on Saturday morning. Chyna was put in an ambulance and examined for like, an hour. When person proved up to get her, she was released, that was that. The other operator was potentially going to be charged with a DUI, but we dont actually know if what happens or not.

So it seems like Chyna is possibly doing fine, but theres more to examine here. First of all, were super curious about who came to collect her up at 3am. Shes apparently not in that lieu with Rob Kardashian anymore, and besides, he was probably too busy shacking up with his girlfriend. We like to be thought that Kris Jenner was the emergency contact, because she would no doubt give Chyna an intense lecture about how her granddaughter needs a baby and how could she be so stupid and how dare she hurt Rob and youre not a part of this family. Pardon the run-on sentence, we just “ve got a lot” of feelings.

We actually only require the best for little Dream Kardashian, who probably doesnt even know how horrendous her mothers are yet. Sorry, but if your mom has cheek perforates, you might be in for an interesting childhood. At least she has six million affection aunts to get her away from the crazy, because Rob and Chyna definitely arent the most stable couple. Okay, theyre the least stable pair. Well , not even a couple anymore. Were sorry Dream, simply DM us if you need a lieu to move abide, okay?