The Stig is lastly granted permission to own the world's fastest vehicle, the enormous Bugatti Veyron, and also the fastest ever Pagani Zonda around the Leading Gear test track. Which will be the premium supercar?

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    • Half cut shaped egg never jumped on the bandwagon when it came always went
      for the underdog and at the time that very same car in your profile picture
      was the underdog and I would alway steel myself the Konnesigg is faster
      than the Veyron with the right driver.

  1. Anybody else noticed the damage on the Veyron on the right side? 🙂 My
    guess is that would cost about the same as a nice hot hatchback!

  2. What did we learn? All the absurdity of the veyron can’t beat a mid engine,
    rear wheel drive stick shift convertible.

    • The Bugatti is a doormat now. Remember when it was the fastest? Me neither.
      Remember when it wasn’t absurdly heavy and useless round a track? Me
      neither. I don’t think they ever put my personal favorite around the track
      though sadly.

  3. I doubt owner’s of cars costing more than ~$250k US would watch youtube
    videos let alone actually post comments. Maybe the $ line is higher but
    there is a line in the sand somewhere.


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