The large-scale ruby-red pellets outside of Target stores are supposed to protect shoppers from runaway vehicles, but what is there to protect buyers from runaway pellets?

Shopper Eileen Grady’s Nissan Rouge was dented by one of the 2-ton stones when a station wagon unseated it, and the swindler projectile rolled into the side of her moving car.

In surveillance footage recovered by the parking lot camera of the Paramus, New Jersey store, the ruby-red ball is considered being set free after the pickup touches it and it wheels into the parking lot, ramming into Grady’s car. The dance continues to bun until one heroic hero and his trusty puppy stop it and wheel it back towards the accumulation with the help of two other shoppers.

The loose ball justification about $3,500 in shatter and now Target is refusing to pay up, quoting the pickup truck driver as the real culprit.

So these large-hearted maroon pellets you let your children jump all over while you begrudgingly drag them to Target? Watch out they might just take them for a ride.

[ H/ T: ABC7 ]


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