is the most exciting time of the year, but also a hour when it’s hard to tell which is what is real and what’s actually a disheveled artwork forger dressed up as a phantom to frighten off those pesky meddling kids.

Or in some cases, who’s bleeding all over the place and who’s just dressed up like a persona from a novel.

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That’s exactly the dilemma paramedics were faced with when they responded to the scene of a( very real !) car collision over the weekend. Sidney Wolfe shared the storey on Twitter, saying she was dressed up as Carrie White after her brutal reprisal at the “schools ” prom to promote Carrie the Musical at a recurred room.

” At the conclusion of its darknes, I was too tired to shower and remove my makeup ,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, as she was on her direction residence, a deer loped out into the road and she totaled her gondola. And when the first responders arrived, they were met with a scene that looked far more gruesome than it actually was.

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” Everyone who was a first responder contemplate I was dead ,” she wrote, alongside a photo of her very believable makeup and a totaled car.

Once she persuaded everyone that she was fine, Wolfe says she was waiting for her parents to pick her up and only chit-chat up the paramedics. But each new person that arrived at the situation was floored by how casual this totally murderous up daughter in a prom dress was acting.

” Next came the police officers who were like’ oh husband’ and saved expecting time and again if I needed medical aid ,” she told HuffPost.” The second round of cops that came weren’t in on the makeup and said,’ Are we just gonna ignore that blood is dripping and she needs medical aid ?'”


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