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Celebrity Big Brother is back – and the latest line-up includes soap wizards, actuality demonstrate veterans, a Hollywood actress and a former footballer – but despite the rumours, “theres no sign” of Stormy Daniels( as yet …).

This year’s theme is “eye of the storm” and observers who had been expecting to see the adult film star – who has had a law battle with US president Donald Trump – were taunted with a presidential-themed task on the opening night.

While the show’s viewing people aren’t anything like what they used to be, Channel 5 as ever is predicting surprises as the line unfolds.

Let’s take a look at the new housemates 😛 TAGEND

Gabby Allen

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If you’re still accepting withdrawal evidences from Love Island, its 2017 stellar Gabby Allen will be a sight for sore eyes.

Since leaving the villa, she and former lover and Blazin’ Squad star Marcel Somerville have broken up.

From finding passion in one home broadcasted across the nation, to moving on in another, Gabby’s life is eventful to say the least.

Dan Osborne

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Most CBB series include a current or former hotshot of ITV’s reality show Towie, so it’s no surprise to see former Towie star and resident bad son Dan Osborne in the house.

But here’s the goss: Dan split from his wife, Eastenders actress Jacqueline Jossa earlier this year, after being romantically connected to the former Love Island superstar Gabby Allen( who we’ve was mentioned of course ).

Maybe the Channel 5 makes are trying to conjure up some of that Love Island magical in the Big Brother house?

Roxanne Pallett

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Just weeks after surviving a gondola gate-crash, the former Emmerdale actress will probably be enjoying some R& R in the Big Brother house – or at the least what elapses for R& R in that crazy environment.

In July she was taking part in a stock car race in North Yorkshire, when she was airlifted to hospital after being cut from the race car.

This week she disclosed she got engaged to her lover just seven days after fit him.

And now she’s been flung into the CBB house, a big test for many a new-fledged relationship in the past.

Kirstie Alley

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Former Cheers actress Kirstie was the first celebrity to enter the famous house this succession and therefore was given the first exercise, to act as an( unelected) chairwoman of her housemates.

Despite her a successful acting vocation , nowadays there’s a lot more public interest in her life as a Scientologist.

Kirstie was raised as a Methodist( a denomination of Protestant Christianity) but converted to the Church of Scientology in the late 1970 s and has since become one of the religion’s most famous members, alongside Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Sally Morgan

Image copyright PA

Known as Psychic Sally, we wonder whether she can already predict which luminary is likely to be crowned the win of Celebrity Big Brother.

Sally does more than 150 live stage shows a year and has also starred in several TV demo, focusing on her supernatural gifts.

And five years ago, she received a PS1 25,000 payout from the Daily Mail over reports she had received instructions from a veiled earpiece during a show in Dublin. The paper apologised and said it accepted the article was untrue.

Rodrigo Alves

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Rodrigo made the moniker of The Human Ken Doll after experiencing more than 100 surgeries and procedures, including pec implants and botox, to totally transform himself.

He is a regular on red carpet and has more than 700,000 partisans on Instagram, where he is seen frequenting beaches, partying on yachts and flaunting his collect of corsets.

In 2017, when there were reports that Rodrigo was going to enter the house, he told Metro : “‘If I were to go on a show of that format, it will show the public the real side of me, because all they know is what they read on the news.”

Chloe Ayling

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Model Chloe moved headlines last year after she was enticed into a hoax photoshoot in Italy and held captive for six days.

In June, Lucasz Herba was imprisoned of kidnapping, extortion and carrying inaccurate records. He was to imprisonment for almost 17 years.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live in July, Chloe said: “Because I wasn’t crying and in tears, that’s what led to people to think that I was not being truthful.”

Ryan Thomas

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The former Coronation Street star has complied with two brothers into actuality Tv and is swapping the Rovers Return Inn for the Diary Room.

Ryan, who played builder Jason Grimshaw, is already the favourite to win this year’s series with the bookies.

He’s not the first member of his family to go into world TV – his brother Scott is a former Love Island contestant and, in 2016, Scott’s twin Adam is available on I’m A Celebrity.

And Ryan soon won the first viewers’ vote of the series – being elected vice-president of the Big Brother House on opening night – which is usually a clear sign that he is the most-recognisable and most popular at the outset. But CBB history demonstrates how quickly that can change.

Jermaine Pennant

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The former Arsenal and Liverpool footballer has made some of his former teammates nervous by participate the house.

“I think they are concerned, yeah, ” he told the Daily Star. “They are worried about what disguised pearls I might come out with, skeletons that might come out of the closet.”

The 35 -year-old was just 15 when he was sold by lowly Notts County to Arsenal for PS2m and he has had an eventful career since then – with 24 England under-2 1 caps, and an look in the Champs League final.

But he has also smack the headlines for spending time in jail for drink-driving and driving while disqualified – and for being the first Premier League star to play while wearing an electronic tag.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Image copyright PA

Hardeep is no stranger to reality TV – having appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and a luminary version of The Apprentice.

The 49 -year-old Scottish comedian and broadcaster-turned chef also lives on the street while filming Famous, Rich and Homeless for the BBC.

In 2009, while working for the BBC’s One Show, he “apologised unreservedly” postdating a complaint of unwarranted practice from a female peer. He was plunged from the display for six months but never returned.

The father-of-two said at the time he recognised he had “overstepped the mark” but had been “badly treated” by the BBC over the incident.

Stormy Daniels a no-show on CBB and Loose Women


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