It was a drastic epoch in courtroom for embattled movie make and financier Harvey Weinstein , who are likely just walk in and out of the building to attend a scheduled legal image in New York City.

The contentious 67 -year-old,

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TMZ has the footage of the move itself( you can see it HERE ), which shows the disgraced movie farmer being vastly assisted by two men on the best ways to his vehicle after the hearing. It’s interesting for various concludes; for one, his defense attorney Donna Rotunno tells the store that his back problem is serious, and” only getting worse ,” and he’s been in quite a bit of pain even while visualizing doctors for treatment. It’s unclear where this question started, but here we are.

But the public show of the back tendernes is also interesting by reason of the nature of today’s hearing, itself. Per media reports, lawyers at the NYC courtroom this morning required that a adjudicator situate Weinstein’s bail at a significantly higher amount than where it is now, claiming the producer has had ” topics” with go his ankle monitoring bracelet and” bringing it out of range .” Hmmm…

Even with Weinstein’s alleged back difficulties, it appears that maybe home monitoring isn’t working out quite as well as attorneys and victim’s proponents “d hoped”, to say the least ?!

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