And here we concluded the most controversial thing David Beckham did last November was kiss little Harper on the lips.

But while the Internet was in an uproar over a poppa being affectionate with his 7-year-old, Becks was busy getting in REAL trouble.

Apparently in November the football luminary was busted use his cell phone while driving!

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According to attorneys,” a member of the public” spotted Beckham with his phone on his knee while sitting in traffic and took photos of the crime. Presumably that witness was not too driving and participating in the pics with their phone…

David Beckham’s Bentley — the stage of such crimes./( c) David Sims/ WENN

When Beckham was charged, he said he didn’t even recollect the day in question and therefore couldn’t defend himself; he plead guilty.

Thursday was the sentencing hearing, and it kind of seems like they hurled the book at him!

First, he was fined PS7 50, simply shy of a thousand horses U.S. Ouch. But the real kicker — sorry, wording! — for the multimillionaire was the ban.

His lawyer almost requested special courts not to keep him off the roads, saying 😛 TAGEND

” Mr. Beckham likes driving. He drives a lot. He takes his children to school each day when he can and he picks them up when he can.

But District Judge Catherine Moore was not swayed by the adorable Beckham children. She contributed six more points on Beckham’s driving license — which already had six from previous speeding offenses.

Becks was therefore banned from driving for HALF A Year! Judge Moore testified 😛 TAGEND

” I take into account it was slow moving traffic but that’s no forgive. It still creates a risk to others. I disqualify you for six months and that starts immediately. That’s no driving a automobile or a motorcycle for a period of six months.

David reportedly strolled out wordlessly when the hearing was done and went driven away by a chauffeur.

Victoria Beckham was heard leaving her New York hotel shortly after looking fairly upset.

Though if we’re being honest, Posh doesn’t exactly have remaining happy face at the best of seasons./( c) Michael Wright/ WENN


But is it too harsh? Or the right amount of coarse to keep beings from doing something dangerous ??

In California, handheld machines are likewise banned — but the penalty is a fine, generally north of $150 on first offense then over $250 for subsequent offense.

Not merely that, it includes NO Qualities to your license. Much easier for motorists to swallow.

And maybe that’s a problem? It’s certainly not the same deterrent “losing ones” license would be.

There’s certainly an statement we need to do more to curb texting and driving. The National Safety Council estimated cell phone use justification 1.5 MILLION collisions in 2017. And texting while driving is supposedly SIX TIMES as likely to cause an accident as wino driving!

Now those are sobering statistics.

So what do YOU suppose, Perezcious readers? Does the beating meet the crime ??

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[ Image via Oscar Gonzalez/ WENN .]

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