Image caption David Manley died in a gondola disintegrate near Ballahutchin when his son was 11 months old-fashioned

The family of a follower who died in a vehicle accident on the Isle of Man have been praised for their fortitude after appearing in a new road safety video.

David Manley, 28, croaked after gate-crashing his vehicle in Union Mills in 2007, leaving his partner and his 11 -month-old son.

His partner Sherry Mesina said it is “heartbreaking” to watch Leon, nine, grow up without knowing his father.

Police indicated that they are “brave” appearing in the video propping a picture alleging “don’t let your loved ones go”.

Ms Mesina and Leon appear in the video with Mr Manley’s mother, Caroline.

It will be shown at ferry terminals on small island developing and the UK, Isle of Man airport and cinemas.

Image caption Mr Manley’s family said he was a kind, strong man who was beautiful inside and out

Ms Mesina said his family and friends will “always bear the scars” and her son will never get to know his father who died after crashing on 10 September 2007.

She spoke: “I want to keep David’s memory alive and we hope this video will help make others belief on the roads.”

“You never get over the loss.”

Isle of Man police said there have been 34 fatalities on island’s open superhighways in the past five years and 230 people have been seriously injured.

Det Con Mike Crompton spoke: “We deal with the accidents but the family have to live with the consequences.

“David’s family have been very brave to be part of this campaign. I hope it resonates with operators and becomes them think.”

Image caption Det Con Mike Crompton came up with the relevant recommendations for the campaign

Ms Mesina announced: “Leon didn’t know the full tale – he is hearing about it for the first time and it has really upset him.

“It has been very hard. We talking here his dad with him every day.”

Mr Manley’s mother said she hopes it helps to reduce the amount of clangs on Manx roads.

She told: “Losing David almost broke us. It is heartbreaking. We deal with it every day but “ve never” come to terms with it.”


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