When people learned that “the worlds largest” detested serviceman on the Internet, Martin Shkreli, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday morning for protections impostor, there were two main reactions.( Well, three, if you speculated about the attractiveness of the agents who placed him in handcuffs .)

Judging by most Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines, parties were inordinately pleased to learn that Shkreli was in trouble with the lawprobably because the 32 -year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals had been infamous for acquiring a life-saving AIDS drug and then elevating the rate more than 5,000 percent. And some people thought about the whereabouts of Shkreli’s most famous purchasethe latest album from Wu-Tang Clan, who established merely one copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin and then sold it to Shkreli for$ 2 million.

The FBI was quick to give you knew that it wasn’t in self-possession of the book.

But did Shkreli give his most avid love a evidence on Wednesday night when he was livestreaming on YouTube?

As Gawker memoes, the book had been stored in a inn vault in Monaco while the rap group waited for a purchaser, and it’s unsure if Shkreli had actually received a physical copy of the book yet. But he might actually have it in his belonging, and he might have brandished it Wednesday night.( While, weirdly enough, listening to post-hardcore party Thursday’s minor hit, “Understanding In a Car Crash.”)

As Gawker notes:

Known photos of the record show a ‘silver-and-nickel box’ with engraving considering its look, save for a bare patch in the shape of Wu-Tangs famed curling ‘W’ logo. What Shkreli pictures is the opposite: a clean is confronted with an impressed symbol. That remarked, its quite possible that what Shkreli holds up to the camera could be the final, inmost subject in series of cases like Russian nesting dolls containing the album .

But what will happen to the album if Shkreli eventually goes to contest and is was guilty? As Yahoo clarifies, “If Shkreli is eventually found guilty, the next stop for the sole simulate of the famed hip-hop radicals Formerly Upon a Time in Shaolin is likely the Asset Forfeiture Unit of the U.S. Marshals Servicethat is, acquiring he hasnt destroyed or concealed it.”

The Atlantic also has come up with a few scenarios in which the book might be taken out of his self-possession, including the idea that the Feds could abduct the book if it’s resolved he used the profit from his alleged strategies in order to buy it or if he’s was guilty and has to pay a substantial fine as part of his punishment. The Atlantic too theorizes that Shkreli, at some degree, might need to sell the album in order to raise funding for his legal defense.

But for now , nobody seems to know the whereabouts of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin , or if what parties considered Wednesday was the real batch. Perhaps we shouldjust ask Bill Murray.

H/ T Gawker | Screengrab viaCNBC/ Youtube


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