Image copyright Sgt Paul Cording
Image caption The caravan was carrying a lot of the driver’s personal belongings as she was returning to live in Italy

Three parties, two puppies, two falcons and an owl have been in a crash in North Yorkshire.

Police were called after two vehicles, one hauling a caravan, crashed on the A1 near Allerton Park on Wednesday night.

The woman hauling the caravan was wandering with her swine because she was returning to live in Italy.

All implied escaped unharmed but the owl had to invest the nighttime at a local sanctuary.

More word from across Yorkshire

The woman was eventually able to continue her outing in her undamaged vehicle but did not have room to take the owl, which was being carried in a box.

A lot of her controls, which were in the caravan, is likewise damaged.

Sgt Paul Cording from North Yorkshire Police said: “She’d managed to squeeze as much as she could in the car, including the dogs and two other fowls, both falcons, but she didn’t given sufficient room for the owl.

“Thankfully we noted it a home for the nighttime at a neighbourhood sanctuary. I think he is going to be picked up by a relative and taken on to be reunited with his proprietor in Italy.

“It was surely one of the more extraordinary darkness for us. I did find a bit like Doctor Doolittle.

“Once we knew everyone was ok, we did have a boo about it.”

Police said the state of the caravan, which had overturned and molted its loading, strengthened why it was illegal to travel in a vehicle whilst being towed.


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