The actor goes back to her southern springs for the gothic chiller The Beguiled. She talks about proliferating agonies, stagecoach mothers and the glee of playing the bad girl

Once upon a hour, a young ingenue took a trip across Los Angeles to meet Hollywoods equivalent of the big-hearted bad wolf. The controversial Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn was shedding the lead role in The Neon Demon, a ghastly fable of the fashion industry, and feared that healthful Elle Fanning might not be tough enough to stay the course. So Refn expected her out of the blue if she thoughts she was beautiful a few questions deliberately are aiming to trip-up her up and reach her squirm. The tactic superseded. But only up to a point.

In the end I said yes, Fanning recalls. I said that yes, I did make I was beautiful. Because I knew it was a test, he was trying to get me to crack. And I thought that this was what I should say, what the specific characteristics would say. And it was right, it drove, because I got the part.

It was the redres answer for Jesse, the pristine heroine of The Neon Demon, who wafts her path through an LA inferno of vampiric runway simulates. But perhaps it says something about 19 -year-old Fanning as well, who has invested a lifetime in Hollywood and managed to develop similarly unsullied. Its not that I dont feel appalling things can happen to young actors in Hollywood, she contends. I know they clearly do. Ive just been very fortunate that they havent happened to me.

We meet inside a beachfront inn during the Cannes film festival, where sunlight ejects off the marble walls and motorists beep their horns in wall street down below. Fanning, it transpires, has been in municipality all week, attending a variety of phenomena in a variety of wears. Her display of stylists refer to themselves as crew unicorn, as though they are administering to the needs of some mythic brute. Today, they have applied her in a sheer dress of such perfect whiteness that one quite anxieties for its safety; a breather of air might irreparably stain it. Dont worry, a publicist murmurs in the actors ear. We can get you changed before you go to lunch.

Fanning territory her first acting responsibility at the age of two and has been working steadily ever since. She points out that her recent cinema, The Beguiled, is actually her first persona as young adults; the first in which she was not required to have her mum accompany her on the situate. So that obliges it a very special movie for me, she says. It was a savor of discretion. Figuring it out. Changing up. She gesticulates down at her 5ft 10 in frame. Emotionally , not physically. Im tall enough as it is.

In The Beguiled, Fanning has even moved away from playing the innocent to playing the wolf. Sofia Coppolas film is a juicy southern melodrama, covered in spanish moss and thrumming with sex tension. Nicole Kidman stars as the upright headmistress of a Virginia girls seminary; Colin Farrell as the wounded civil struggle Union soldier who initially thinks he has experienced heaven. Fanning, as matches her freshly adult status, gives firecracker subsistence as Alicia, the oldest of the girls, who steals away from the dinner table to weed a kiss on the soldiers mouth. We can show him some real southern hospitality, she coos to her friends, shortly before the movie tones towards outright murderous horror.

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Fanning cherished constructing The Beguiled, and her feeling is virulent. She talks in a torrent, like a river in flock, blithely exploding the banks of individuals question to the point where I am invited to discard them altogether. She says she basked playing the bad girl, although is Alicia really so bad? She is just tolerated and hormonal; anyone that age might have reacted the same style in her location. Fanning adds that she enjoyed playing alongside Kidman, who has been her idol for years; Moulin Rouge is one of her all-time favourite films. Also, shes tall. And Im tall, she says. Towering actresses are few and far between. Theres Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, I think thats about it, so weve got to stick together.

Most of all, it seems, she adored working with Coppola, who as writer-director plots to employ a clever feminist spin on Don Siegels original 1971 picture. Fanning points out that she last cooperated with Coppola on the refined, minor-key Somewhere back in 2010, when she played the sugared, soulful daughter to Stephen Dorffs car-crash Hollywood actor. So this movie was like coming full circle; an amazing event, she spurts. Sofia has this road of cultivating that, like, comes right from her being, she says. And its a very elegant, graceful path of cultivating and shes very respected and shes had all this great success, but what I admire is that shes done it exceedingly tastefully, with mercy and knack and clevernes. Shes actually formed special stamps and you cant recreate it. And this film definitely has her postage, but its different, extremely, because theres blood in this movie, which is crazy, right? For her, right, its crazy. She gulps a breath and obtains herself. She says: But she does it with elegance.

Fanning was born in smalltown Georgia, “their childrens” of south Baptists, but took off for the west coast when she was just out of nappies. In a sense, she justifies, the family was simply riding on the coattails of her older sister, Dakota, who was already securing personas alongside Sean Penn and Reese Witherspoon and has since gone on to forge a successful busines of her own. You can see her in Twilight, War of the Worlds and Kelly Reichardts good Night Moves.

The way Fanning Jr tells it, she and Dakota were always playing make-believe in their bedroom. Acting was merely an extension of that. Even when I was really young, I always knew it was acting. I mean, I did a movie announced The Door in the Floor with Jeff Bridges when I was four and I always knew it was just profess that Jeff Bridges wasnt certainly my dad. And yeah, I know its a enterprise, I know that its serious. But its likewise about garmenting up and pretending.

Its an expectation that seems to have acted her reservoir. On screen, right from the start, Fanning has been a spookily nuanced performer, possessed of a quiet vigour that preferably belies her off-screen burblings. She played a stoic adventurer in JJ Abramss Super 8 and rustled up a heart-piercing accomplishment as an angst-ridden British teen in the acclaimed Ginger and Rosa. I affection her as Jesse, the aspiring young modeling in Refns sugar-frosted repugnance see, but I too affection her as the chaste best friend in Mike Millss 20th Century Women. Fanning grown up in public and she has induced it appear painless although she is quick-witted to contend this was not always the case.

Fanning with Ryan Lee and Gabriel Basso in 2011 s Super 8. Photograph: Allstar/ Paramount Pictures

When I was 12, I proliferated seven inches in a year. And it throbbed every day. On Somewhere, I thrived two shoe widths during filming. And I would pass out a lot because I hadnt transformed into my mas. So that wasnt a great time. It obviously wasnt painless.

If she counts that as suffering, I reckon she got off very lightly. I am not even sure I quite believe her. Isnt the life of a Hollywood child star meant to be a DayGlo gothic nightmare, a kind of prolonged dress rehearsal for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I want to hear about the shrieking brats at the open-call moldings; the catch mothers who plunder their teenagers bank accounts. I have read that Fannings mother threw in her activity, moved the family to LA. Please tell me “shes been” pushy and controlling at times?

Fanning, though, is having none of it. Mothers in the industry get a really bad name, she says. Which is so not fair, because my mother is amazing and she sacrificed so much with their own lives out in Georgia, which she gave up to do this beautiful concept which is following small children daydream. So I dislike that belief. I hate that plan. Without my mother, I wouldnt be here, I wouldnt even just knowing that I was doing, perhaps. I had the indulgence of knowing what I want to do because of her.

It impress me that the logic of this last evidence perils undercutting her statement, but never mind. Time is passing short and Fanning is back on a roll; she is the river in spate. She tells me that she comes from their own families of players. Her mum played tennis, her dad played baseball and her maternal granddad was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

I have the athletics drive, she says. Its in my blood; I cant help it. Actors and jocks are similar, I belief. You mount a aim for yourself; youre ready for a challenge. You prepare for the accord or youre getting ready for the persona. The adrenaline when you have a big incident to do is huge. I felt that lane when I was attaining Somewhere. I felt that behavior when I did Ginger and Rosa, when I was 13 thats perhaps the role that signified the most for me, because I developed as an actress on that cinema and I detected much older at the end of it. I had a British accent in it. I colors my fuzz red, when I had always been blonde, and so I didnt feel like myself at all. Something clicked. I supposed: Oh, this is what playing is supposed to feel like.

Her southern heritage is important to her, but these days she supposes she has left it far behind. Fannings grandmother still lives with the family and is a terminated southern belle, extremely dense accent. Her parents, extremely, still sometimes pine for dwelling. She shakes her brain. But LA is my home; Im a California girl. Having foreman west to strive her fortune, she has now staked her claim. The present is rosy-cheeked and the future appears golden.

Fanning explains that the initial move to Hollywood was seen in the spirit of escapade. It was a fun lineage recreation; not “ve been meaning to” last-place. My sister indicated that it like were still on this trip to LA and that one day soon well all go back to Georgia. But its been, like, 16 years now. And I say to her: Examine, this is us, this is our life. I say to her: Review, we are never going back.

The Beguiled is out 14 July .


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