No person was severely harmed. Raw video footage of the accident in Montreal on Dec 5. Buses, Vehicle, Cops and also Snowplow all collapsing into each various other on icy day.

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10am on Dec 5, Beaver Hall and also Viger in Montreal.
A compilation of just the crashes:

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    • The taxi had a chance because it’s a light car. The snow plow had no
      chance, because even if he steered left, the rest of the vehicule, full of
      sand, pulls the car the other way.

    • The fact that it’s existed for several hundred years in that location
      including winters means they obviously CAN deal with it. Doesn’t mean there
      will never be a single issue.

    • St5uds are not a good idea because the most of the winter, the roads are
      snow free. Studs would be a disaster for the roads in cities ans highways.

    • That is not just fresh snow that is fresh snow on top of freezing rain.
      Falls as rain hits the much colder pavement & freezes instantly. Ice tires
      such as brigstone blizzacs. or tire chains are the only thing that work at

  1. Montreal, you should be very embarrassed. A city that has snow from
    November to March and this looks like a scene out of Atlanta.

  2. for those who said: Why canadian are not able to deal with a little snow.
    this snow cam out of nowhere. everybody has still they summers tires.

  3. Ohhh the weather outside is delightful and the drivers are so frightfull,
    But no matter were you go Let it snow LET it SNOW LET IT SNOW!

  4. The worst thing is when you realize that they can’t even NOT drive into
    that street… Before they notice that it’s too slippery, it’s already too

    • Mandatory in Montreal also by the end of November So they have snow tires
      it is just the black ice under the snow. I was a Canadian Driver

    • They knew the snow was coming, fail govt didn’t sand and salt the road
      prior. Once the ice is there, it’s hard to get rid of.

  5. Even though I am completely ashamed of my city Montreal for the lack of
    attention to roads during a snowstorm, I found this video to be completely
    hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing yesterday when I saw it for the first
    time at work.

    • Use the translator 🙂
      Вашу мать, как вы без зимних шин живете? 🙂
      Цепи нужны, только если совсем дорогу замело и не выехать в гору по снегу.
      А зимние шипованные шины это когда в саму резину встроены металлические
      Вот как на этой картинке
      Раньше в России тоже ездили все на простой резине, это было в 1980-х, но
      тогда не было такого количества автомобилей и скорости были другие, гораздо
      ниже. Теперь же без шипованной резины просто опасно ездить в городе, можно
      легко въехать во что-нибудь. И даже соль и песок не поможет, если только
      что выпал свежий снег.
      Плюс в багажнике всегда должна быть лопата, пусть небольшая саперная, но
      лопата. Иначе во дворах можно надолго увязнуть в снегу.
      Это гребанная Россия, мать вашу, тут вам не здесь )))


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