Snapchat filters are once again under attempt. No, the company didn’t handout another racially insensitive filter like the Bob Marley or bindi alternatives that previously faced massive reaction. The social media app is instead facing a litigation over its velocity filter, which tracks the km / hour a used is traveling when in use.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV reports that a Georgia family is claiming that the social media company is reportedly responsible for their daughter’s merciles automobile disintegrate last-place September. The teenage had the app open as she made velocities in excess of 100 mph before crashing with another car.

A passenger in the vehicle stated that the driver explicitly claimed she used “trying to touched 100 mph and pole it on Snapchat.” Though the app does forewarn its useds not to use the rate filter while driving, this tragic happen foregrounds its risks nonetheless.

In a statement to WSB-TV, a Snapchat spokesperson had this to say about the car gate-crash 😛 TAGEND

No Snap is more important than someone’s refuge. We actively discourage local communities from use the rate filter while driving, including by exposing a … warning label in the app itself .

Immediately following the incident, the motorist posted a selfie snap depicting her clearly wounded from accident with the words “lucky to be alive” overlaid on her visage.