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Following two corroborated Tesla Autopilot-related gate-crashes in the U.S ., including a fatality, German lawmakers are contriving legislation that would require carmakers to include a black box for cars.

More usually associated with aircraft, the proposed black box would register when an autonomous system was involved, when the car questioned the driver to recapture driving their obligations and when a human operator took dominate or not, is in accordance with Reuters.

The intent of this legislation would be facilitated both carmakers, regulators and law enforcement officers resolve who is responsible in the event of an autonomous automobile crash.

Both Volvo and Mercedes-Benz have said they will accept responsibility for the actions of its vehicles when in autonomous driving mode.

I suspect, though, plainly knowing when the system was engaged or not won’t be the only factor used to determine glitch or responsibility. What if, for example, the driver fails to have needed assistance or reparations played on the car and the autonomous system malfunctions as a result?

While it now appears clear that legislators will need to rein in corporations like Tesla from acting irresponsibly with its tech, I too dread any law written that affect autonomous tech could be formulated without a wide-ranging understanding of how the systems work.

For example, along with the black box thought, German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt too wants legislation to include conversation that allows the human move to check out and not attaches importance to congestion but also requires them to remain in the motorist sit so they can intervene in the case of an emergency.

It plainly isn’t realistic to expect a person to go from napping to evasive driving in a split second. Hopefully, Germany’s home country automotive expertswho tend to be republican actors when it comes to autonomous tech can help guide the laws and regulations so that it’s tied to reality.

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