Even after years of covering celebrities being fucking idiot and problematic assholes, I’m still surprised sometimes by their behavior. Case in moment: Gina Rodriguez. Over the last 24 hours, Gina’s Instagram has been like a slow-motion car crash of SMH. Sadly, having four million partisans on Instagram and multiple hit Tv proves doesn’t mean you know how to act.

It all started on Tuesday afternoon, when Gina Rodriguez uploaded a video of her getting her whisker and makeup done to her Instagram story. Probably a pretty normal day for her. In the video, she’s singing along to the song” Ready or Not” by The Fugees, which was all well and good until Gina, clear as date, looks into the camera and says the N-word along with the song. Then, she turns and shrieks at someone who’s out of the frame, and the video dissolves. Gina , no !!!


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